The Breakdown

This episode of The Walking Dead began with a solid opening with Rick, Carl, and Michonne on the road to find ammunition and supplies. On their journey they encounter a hitchhiker which they hilariously blow off twice. Something told me we were not going to see the last of him. During their quest for supplies they come across a deserted town rigged with traps. Soon, they are ambushed in the town by a lone gunman, which ends up being a returning character. This is the biggest surprise of all tonight – the return of Morgan from Season 1, who I’ve been waiting on since forever.

This episode has some of the best uses of graffiti to depict plot developments. The town is decorated with strange messages everywhere that reveal small bits of vague information about Morgan. It’s unclear at first if Morgan has created these messages around the town, but whoever did is not thinking straight. Morgan gains consciousness and attacks rick with a knife. Rick is able to subdue him and Morgan then begs him to end his life. This is such a heartbreaking moment for fans in the show who connected with him in Episode 1.

Once you think the emotional weight would lift up, it then gets much heavier. Rick and Morgan begin discussing the past. Morgan starts unfolding a horrific sad tale of what happened to his boy. Then he follows with an explanation of why he deserves everything that has happened to him. He explains that in the world today, good and bad people are allowed to die, but the weak now inherit the Earth. It is by far one of the most engaging moments of the season.

Rick then proceeds to reason with Morgan about coming back with the other survivors. Rick explains the safety of the prison location where they are holding refuge. Morgan then points out the flaws in his persuasion by mentioning how Rick’s wife died in the prison. Rick insists that Morgan can bounce back from his sanity issues. He refuses and says that he can’t leave his spot until he “Clears.”

The Analysis

The most interesting factor of this episode is the fact that Morgan represents a mirrored image of Rick. Both men were introduced at the beginning of the story but now we see the longevity of pain that has ruined them both. This is almost a big reality check for Rick, because he now realizes his situation can be worse. That is why he urges Morgan to get a grip on himself, because it would mean there is hope for Rick also. Tonight is definitely a return for the show after a rough restart into Season 3.

On a final note, I thought the ending was rather amusing as they found the hitchhiker’s backpack with blood everywhere. Them taking the pack and asking no questions was a strange little note to end it on. That being said, solid episode tonight.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead?