I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really enjoyed Thor. Saw it in the theaters when released and had an absolute blast with it. I need to go on record and say I gleaned news of this new 60 second TV spot from Ain’t It Cool News, and like everyone else that goes there, I went for the news and stayed for the talkbacks. A lot of folks on this article’s talkback over at the site make the very good point that Thor should have been, by all intents and purposes, nigh impossible to adapt to the big screen. But Kenneth Branagh pulled it off very successfully. The cast helped quite a bit too, and they’re all back for the follow up, Thor: The Dark World. Take a peek at the new television promo:

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/z7vRAMWmIkg”]

Looks like all the pieces fit yet again, with Chris Hemsworth swinging the hammer like it’s his job (it is), Loki being Loki as only Tom Hiddleston can play him, and Natalie Portman getting a swing of her own in on Loki for old time’s sake. Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba will also be returning, along with new player Christopher Eccleston joining the party. Thor: The Dark World is set to hit theaters in early November.

What do you think of the Thor 2 TV spot?

Source: Ain’t It Cool News