Right now, Legendary is in an interesting phase in their future of movies. The company recently divorced their extremely great partnership with Warner Brothers. Soon after, they dropped all rights to help develop the Batman/Superman team-up movie, and then certified a locking deal to help with the production of Interstellar. The studio now appears to be hoping to settle with Universal and expand into other mediums in the entertainment industry, such as television.

On such deal, according to Variety, indicates that the studio may in-fact jump on Jurassic Park 4. The move actually makes sense considering Legendary’s love for huge scale movies. Just look at past projects like Pacific Rim and The Dark Knight Rises.

Here is the quote from Variety:

Legendary is combing over Universal’s slate for a number projects it will help fund under its new five-year co-financing and distribution pact with the studio. Tull and his team will also consider co-funding the fourth installment of Universal’s planned reboot of the “Jurassic Park” franchise, which like “Dracula” is an offering that would fit well with his fanboy interests and his company’s DNA.

The report also indicates that they will first finance the revamp of Dracula starting next year which will star Luke Evans…awesome! Either way, it seems like Legendary has a promising start with their partnership with Universal, if this does actually happen. There is a lot going on with this new partnership between Legendary and Universal that should make a lot of competitors scared moving forward. Did I also mention they are in-housing the development of Warcraft for Duncan Jones?

Source: Variety