It is kind of funny. The day before the furor started with the Ben Affleck Batman casting, there was a similar disdain about the news that an Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch casting decision was in the works for Joss Whedon’s Avengers 2.

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet WitchPart of the complaints were that (a) people would refuse to watch an Avengers movie with one of the Olsen twins in it and (b) would they cast Uncle Jesse next?

Sometimes I just shake my head at the lack of knowledge in the world today, or at least at the people who like to complain about something without clicking two buttons to make sure they actually know what they are talking about.

Elizabeth Olsen is NOT an Olsen Twin, although she is their younger sister. Plus, she is an award winning actress who turned in an AMAZING performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene. She will be making jump from indie darling to blockbuster actress with 2014’s Godzilla.

When asked about this, Olsen said she knew nothing about it but quite a few news outlets have confirmed that she is in talks for the Scarlet Witch role.

Now, anyone who complains about the Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch role because of her sisters is an idiot. Olsen proved in Martha Marcy May Marlene that she just might be the perfect person to play someone with the fractured psyche of Scarlet Witch, and with her amazing acting talent in the hands of Joss Whedon, who has directed a young witch character before, this should be a great turn for her.

Lesson: Know what you are talking about before complaining about something.

Source: Screen Rant