Everybody loves Loki, right? Let’s face it, his arrogance makes him a villain you hate to love, but you do. He was a very bright spot in an Avengers film chock full of similarly great characters, and was/is the perfect foil for his brother. Looks like Marvel and Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor agree as last-minute rewrites and shoots are taking place, with a lot of that work involving Tom Hiddleston’s character.

Thor reshootsIn addition to adding Loki scenes, Anthony Hopkins has also been asked back to shoot additional footage. All of this has Taylor feeling like he’s a “crazy, chicken running around with its head cut off.” All of this last minute racing is nothing new for most Marvel productions. For instance, Joss Whedon shot the post-credits Avengers shawarma scene after the film had already been released. Say Taylor, “It’s a not uncommon procedure at Marvel. They’re amazing, they will work down to the wire. Kevin Feige is always trying to make the film better, see if he can push it up. I saw them do this on ‘Iron Man 3,’ I saw them do this on ‘Avengers.’ They have to sort of come and pry the film out of Marvel’s hands to put it up on the screen, because he never wants to stop improving things.”

Last minute edits and additions sometimes can be ominous signs, but in this case I think it’s a matter of Marvel knowing what they’ve got, and how to further enhance it. But the clock is ticking even faster, as the studio just announced that there will be an early international IMAX release of Thor: The Dark World on October 30th, a week before its general release date.

Source: Collider