Oklahoma might not be the first place that one thinks of when talking about movies, but it possesses a district that absolutely glows when it comes to the love of cinema. Film Row is in downtown Oklahoma City and includes a coffee bar- theater called The Paramount that has a special history of its own.

Back in the Golden Age of Film, cities around the United States used to have viewing theaters where studios would bring their films to screen for local theater owners. It was here where the studios would broker deals to screen their films around the country. Each studio would own their own private screening theater, from Universal and Paramount to RKO and more.

Almost all of those theaters are gone now, turned into restaurants, clothing stores, and many even torn down. In Oklahoma City, most of the old theaters are gone, replaced by a pizza restaurant and an electronics store among others. Only one still remains dedicated to the film industry, and it is one of the only ones left in the United States that still promotes classic cinema – The Paramount.

Melodie Garneau runs The Paramount and proudly displays her love and knowledge of cinema, and on Friday night, Aug. 16, the people of Oklahoma City can see what its all about when The Paramount screens one of cinema’s greatest rock mockumentaries for the general public as they turn it up to 11!

Located at 701 W. Sheridan, the screening is one of many things that will take place on Film Row that night. It is all part of a new monthly street festival that will take place on Film Row in Oklahoma City on the third Friday of every month.

This month’s debut will be themed “Rock n’ Roll” and will also include┬árock star hairstyling and temporary tattoos for kids, also a photo booth, live music by the Howard Brady Band, and art exhibitions featuring recent works by Theresa Hurt and Cindy Cornish. The deadCENTER Film Festival will also offer screenings of some of 2013’s top short films as well.

Attendance is free and it is pet and family friendly. The street festival starts at 6 p.m. CST, which is also when the movie screening starts as well, and it will last until 9 p.m.