In comics, it is easy to see how a Flash Arrow partnership could take place. Hell, head back into the comic book world and two of the most popular partnerships in DC Comics was Green Arrow and Green Lantern and Green Lantern and The Flash. That makes the Green Arrow and Flash co-existing make plenty of sense.

However, the CW television show Arrow has placed Oliver Queen into a world more like The Dark Knight than the DC Universe. There are no super powered freaks in this world, but soon there will be and his name is The Flash.

Arrow writer Marc Guggenheim did a recent interview with Comic Book Resources about how they plan to introduce a super powered character into the more realistic world of Arrow.

“The trick that we have – and this is a challenge we’ve discussed a lot and have an awareness of how to face it head on – is the fact that Arrow is like Iron Man where The Flash will be The Hulk. And just as The Hulk coming out did not change the tone of the Iron Man movies, The Flash will not change the tone of Arrow.

Now, I kind of see where he is going with this, but the difference is that Arrow lives in a world where there are no super powers and then suddenly Flash will have super powers. There is no way that can’t chance the world of Arrow, whether they like it or not. At least both Iron Man and Hulk were supernatural characters whereas Arrow has always been a dude with a bow and arrow.

I also find it funny that Warner Bros. has compared creating the Justice League movie with what Marvel did with The Avengers and now the DC Universe TV world is comparing the Flash Arrow story to how Marvel works in their movies. It kind of shows who the big fish is in the world of comic entertainment now.

Now, how will they interact after this first series arc?

“I think one of the big thing that appeals to me about comics in general is the idea of the shared universe. It’s a lot of fun to be able to do that in television, and growing up one of the things I enjoyed was the Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman and the way those two shows would interact with each other. We’re at least a season away from Arrow interacting with The Flash, but the potential for that is really exciting for me.”

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Source: Comic Book Resources