Remember when everyone thought World War Z was predicted to flop? Well, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. Never underestimate the power of the Pitt.

Through the weekend, the overall gross of World War Z amounted to $502.6 million, surpassing his Greek mythology hit Troy. At home, the revenue is astoundingly impressive with a total of $197.4 million. If that doesn’t impress you, keep in mind, that in box-office pull, this places World War Z right behind Star Trek Into Darkness.

One thing I have to give Brad Pitt credit for is achieving what I found to be impossible. I went to the zombie epic expecting to hate every single minute of the movie. What I found was an actually well crafted thriller that had great characters and incredibly tense moments.

brad pitt highest grossing film


Most people– like myself– were pissed  how much it seemed to deviate from the source material, but I forgot the term “adaptation” before seeing the movie. A straight adaptation most likely would not work on-screen. What the writers and director Marc Forster were able to manage was at least establish some of the novel’s tone  and themes. You remember the expensive re-shoots for the movie’s finale? Brad Pitt demanded those re-shoots so the movie could end the best way possible. He wanted you to have a great time… What an a**hole.

It seems to have paid off, and now that the franchise is a blockbuster property, maybe Pitt and the studio can afford to take some risks for an inevitable sequel.

What do you think about the Brad Pitt highest grossing film being World War Z?

Source: THR