Horror is starting to heat up again these days. The Conjuring recently broke $100M at the domestic box office and is still going strong. Adaptations of Stephen King’s work all are over the place, with some not-so-horrific (Under the Dome) and other decidedly so (the upcoming Carrie remake). Anthologies like the V/H/S series are heating up VOD sales, and more original stuff like You’re Next is being lauded as another positive step in reinvigorating the drama.

exorcist tv seriesThat’s why it’s no surprise that, as it approaches its 4oth anniversary, (man this reporter is starting to get just a little long in the tooth), whispers are circling that Morgan Creek, right owners to the property, are looking at potentially bringing the classic horror film The Exorcist to television. Writer Jeremy Slater, who has been attached to the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and Warner Bros. adaptation of Fable, is on board for script duties, with Roy Lee, executive producer of The Departed and The Ring, is set to perform the same duties on The Exorcist TV adaptation.

Rumor has it that both major and cable networks have shown interest. Personally this Renegade Reporter would like to see such fare launched on cable, for obvious content-related reasons. FX and Ryan Murphy have proven that audiences will embrace some mess-up stuff if it’s done right with American Horror Story, and as long as they don’t under- or overreach on this Slater and Lee have the power of Christ! of Willam Friedkin’s creation in their corner before things even get off the ground. I’d be excited to see what they have described as a “new take” on the original classic with The Exorcist TV show. How about you?

Source: Deadline Hollywood