“Have you been bad?” It is the question Penelope Cruz’s character asks at the end of the Counselor trailer and has be officially excited about the next movie from the brilliant mind of Ridley Scott.

Counselor trailerWritten by Cormac McCarthy, Counselor stars Michael Fassbender as the counselor of the title, an attorney’s decent into the depths of hell once he chooses to get involved with an illegal business deal. As a HUGE fan of No Country for Old Men, I am definitely excited to see how McCarthy’s screenwriting debut turns out. At the hands of Ridley Scott, I have no doubt it will be great.

The trailer was slick and really looked a lot like No Country when it came to the aesthetic. We see Fassbender getting involved in the illegal deal with a smarmy looking Javier Bardem; Brad Pitt looks awesome in what looks like a scene stealing supporting role; Penelope Cruz is the love interest and Cameron Diaz looks like she is back to evil once again in this movie.

It also looks like things won’t be going well for Fassbender’s character, giving it another similar feel to No Country. I didn’t know too much about this but this trailer has me pretty jacked to see the movie.

The Counselor hits theaters on Oct. 25. Check out The Counselor trailer above and let us know what you think in the comment section below.