Spike Jonze is one of cinema’s most creative directors, with masterpieces in his past such as Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, and Where the Wild Things Are, along with some really impressive skate videos with Mat Hoffman and an amazing music video for Arcade Fire. Up next is Her, another quirky and very intriguing looking movie, and here is the first Her trailer.

One look at this trailer, and it is clear you are in Spike Jonze territory. There is the quirky music, the attractive Hollywood actress looking unkempt and a bit normal, a strange outcast as the lead character, and one of the most bizarre setups you could imagine.

Joaquin Phoenix is a man in a slightly futuristic world who is unsure how to go on after his relationship ends, and since the entire relationship seems to be shown in flashbacks, I am assuming it didn’t end with a simple divorce. As the Her trailer starts, he uses a new AI program to create a companion that is simply a computer woman who can speak to him from electronic devices like computers and cell phones.

What makes this seem very quirky is that the AI woman begins to develop a personality and actually grow along with Phoenix’s character as he comes out of his shell. Together, the two eventually fall in love with each other. Yeah, I said this was a definite Spike Jonze flick. Amy Adams is there as the unkempt woman to provide an actual human female to communicate with him while Scarlet Johannson voices the AI girlfriend Samantha.

Spike Jonze’s Her hits theaters on Nov. 20, 2013. Let us know what you thought of the Her trailer in the comment section below.