When it comes to the Marvel Universe, Disney did something very unique when they gathered almost all of their characters under one roof and let Marvel start mixing and matching them together in a series of movies. Now, Bryan Singer is talking about doing the same with the X-Men expanded universe and what he calls a “Marvel Movie Mashup.”

X-Men Expanded UniverseSee, Singer said that after X-Men: Days of Future Past – when he hopefully fixes the damage that Brett Ratner did to the franchise – he is planning a “Marvel Mashup” for his next act.

Problem is that Singer only has two properties to play with at Fox – The X-Men and the Fantastic Four. That means his Marvel mashup will be putting the Fantastic Four (which Josh Trank is reviving) into a movie with the X-Men or just using the immense X-Men universe.

Expect the later.

There is already an X-Force movie in the works and the writer on that has said that we can probably expect both Cable and Deadpool to appear in it. I would expect him to just be planning on playing with a ton of the mutants in the Fox controlled Marvel universe, although there is also a chance for the Silver Surfer and Galactus, plus Reed and Sue’s son Franklin is a mutant as well.

What do you think Bryan Singer has planned for this Marvel mashup? Is it the X-Men expanded universe or does he have something else up his sleeve?

Source: Empire