Lo and behold, all. The future is here. Check out the viral video found over at the Trask Industries Sentinels website containing information on the robots designed to eradicate the Mutant threat, entitled Trask Industries: Your Future

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/92YBR9gEyYI”]

Don’t worry; in the future, Trask Industries will make sure everything is gonna be all right.

Want to see more? Head on over to the Trask Industries website to learn more about how the Sentinel program was started in 1973 and see more media, mostly images, like this:

Sentinels Website

And this:

Sentinels Website

And much more. So begins the hype, in earnest, for X-Men: Days of Future Past. The website and video are a good solid opening salvo in the film’s marketing efforts. This Renegade Reporter is still on the fence concerning the particulars of the Sentinels faces, but the more I look at the pics and footage, the more I like ’em. The scale  of the mutant hunting robots also seems appropriate. Days of Future Past, much like the Sentinels, has the potential to be huge.

Source: Ain’t it Cool