Neill Blomkamp’s highly anticipated Elysium is right around the corner, set to hit theaters on August 9th. It is the District 9 director’s second feature film, set in the year 2059 where the “haves” live on a space station orbiting Earth (the Elysium of title), where poverty, hunger, crime and sickness do not exist. The “have-nots” are stuck in a desolate existence on an overpopulated Earth. Matt Damon plays Max DeCosta, a man on Earth who is trying to get past a life of crime and maintain productivity who becomes critically ill following an industrial accident. Max has one way to save himself, and in the process perhaps eliminate the imbalance between the inhabitants of Elysium and those left behind on Earth: to illegally enter the seeming utopia above in search of a cure. Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley also star.

In the first official clip from the movie, we see Damon’s Max trying his best to keep his cool while discussing a recent parole violation with a robot officer, and kind of failing…

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I believe I’ve seen part of the tail end of this footage in the last full trailer for Elysium that I saw in front of either Pacific Rim or The Conjuring. It’s an effective minute that easily sets up the frustration in Damon’s character, which is likely reflective of many of Earth’s inhabitants who are left to labor away while those on Elysium prosper, disgraced by having to ask to go beyond the automated front lines just for the permission to speak to a human face. A lot of the rest of the full trailers show tons of action (Max’s exoskeleton does look really cool), but given Blomkamp’s track record, there’ll be lots of social commentary wrapped up in all the battles and ‘splosions. August 9th can’t get here quick enough.

Source: Yahoo! Movies