Don't You Feel MeWe open up with Sookie underwater, with her father at the helm. Just as she passes out, Layfayette goes flying against a tree, as Warlow has arrived to save her. She wakes up just in time to keep him from killing Lafayette, and offers instead that he blast him with his light. He does so, and Mr. Stackhouse is no longer inhabiting La’s body. Sookie, being a bit of an ungrateful child tell’s Lafayette to tell her father to get the fuck out of her life. Which he promptly does. Now that Sookie is safe, Bill is calling Warlow back, to which he tries to resist, much to his body’s shagrin, causing him to puke blood. Sookie has an answer to this, grabbing him and transporting them both to Fairy Land. This displeases Bill, as he can’t figure out what’s going on. He goes up stairs to ask Jessica what happened when he summoned her a few episodes ago, but she’s no where to be found. Needing answers, he demands the DR put him into a coma so he can talk things over with Lillith.

Back at the Vamp Camp, Eric & Pam are about to do battle. Naturally, they go against the wishes of those behind the 2-way mirror, and end up killing the guards. Afterwards they’re sent back to their respective cells.

Over in Shreveport, Jason is signing up at the LAVTF. He flexes his knowledge, and is quickly brought up the ladder.

At the hotel where Sam and the gang are hiding, Nicole tells him about how running isn’t an option. How Emma misses her grandmother, and that always looking over her shoulder isn’t the life she should have. Soon, Alicide shows up because his father called him. He tells Alicide that Sam is here, and adds that he wouldn’t have felt right now telling him, and hopes that he’ll do the right thing. They venture over to Sam’s room, but they’re gone.

In Fairy Land, Warlow requests that Sookie tie him up, due to him not being able to control himself once it’s night. She obliges.

Now in a coma, Bill is able to talk to Lillith who basically tells him tough s***, figure things out on your own. It’s like I always say, you can never count on a girl who’s wearing a potato sack.

We catch up with Andy and his daughter, and she says she’d like to finally have a name. In fact, she wants 4 names, so when people say it, she’ll always think of her sisters. Andy thinks for a moment, and comes up with Adalin-Braylin-Sharlene-Danica.

Terry visits Lafayette at home, who’s enjoying some weed & hot-gluing things to create a burly outfit. He gives him the key to a security box that he has, and that’s it. Naturally, Lafayette finds this behavior a bit odd and calls Arlene. Once she receives the news, she’s worried that Terry is going to kill himself. She expresses such fear to Holly, telling her that Terry just can’t get over what happened in Iraq. Holly then has an idea to have a vampire just erase his memory. She knows one that owes her a favor. So, he shows up and does the deed. Sure enough, Terry is now happy as a clam. Of course, there is the little matter of a sniper that Terry asked to kill him.

Sookie & Warlow chit-chat, as he tries to explain the benefits of being with him forever. How they’d only need each others blood, and never have to hurt another innocent again.

We check in with the vamp camp, as Eric is chained up in his own private cell. The Governor shows up to tell Eric that he’s going to teach him about loss. They’ve created a new strain of Hepatitis known as Hepatitis V, that’s a sure, slow death for any vampire that becomes contaminated. Eric’s sister is wheeled in on a gurney, and sure enough, the Governor has her injected, and then placed in front of Eric.

At a gas station, Sam meets up with Emma’s grandmother, and tells her that she can have Emma back, on the condition that she never goes back to the pack. She agrees, as Emma & Sam say their good-byes. Soon after Alicide shows up, and Sam tells him to either kill them or let them go, because either way the running ends tonight. Alicide tells him that he’s dead, if he ever comes back to Bon Temps or Shreveport, his pack will kill him. Sam feels it’s a fair deal, and heads off with Nicole.

Back with Jason, he’s now at the Vamp Camp, telling stories about him being in the belly of the Vampire Authority and kicking ass. Sarah Newlin shows up, and she has a word with Jason. He says he’s there to get Jessica out, and if she tries to stop him he’s gonna tell everyone about their canoodling, thus she’ll be out of the Governor’s good graces.

Speaking of which, the Gov has been summoned to his daughter’s room. She says she no longer wants special treatment, and wants to be put in Gen Pop, with her people.

Bill finally realizes what’s going on, when he sees a statement on TV from the Governor. Tru Blood is back in production, and will be sold at a discounted price in order to get things back to normal. He drinks the blood of Warlow that the DR has been working on, and heads outside. First step of the test, he doesn’t burst into flames. Considering that a plus, he heads off.

Meanwhile, Sarah Newlin says she has a surprise for Jason, to help him fit in with everyone. He enters one of the observation rooms where a lone male vampire stands shirtless. Apparently this is a copulation study. Man, if I were a DR I’d constantly be telling everyone that we don’t have enough data, that I heard Gianna Michaels is now a vampire, and how we should see the effects of vampire on human doin-it. Anyway, the next vampire to enter is Jessica. She seems a bit hesitant, and the male vampire doesn’t want to do it. He says he’s a vampire, not a rapist. Sarah sees to it that he’s blasted with UV light over and over, but finally they give up on the whole thing and Jessica is taken away.

Over at Merlotte’s, Terry is on top of the world as he flies around the restaurant helping whomever he can. He takes the trash out for Arlene when a shot is heard. Sure enough, Terry has been hit through the neck. Arlene runs out there, as Lafayette tries to stop her, however, she won’t have it. She gets to Terry and places his head in her lap, talking to him about all the wonderful things they have in their life, and the things they’ve done. It’s actually pretty f****** sad. Terry is the first major character to die in a good long while, and he’s also one of the nicest.

Bill arrives at either the Governor’s house, or the Vamp Camp, it’s unclear, and makes light work of his guards by having them shoot one another. The Gov is a bit freaked out by Bill’s inability to die and the whole walking in the sun deal. On the bright side, he doesn’t worry much longer because Bill tears his head off. Pretty f****in’ sweet.

Don't You Feel Me
Inside the camp we see Eric’s sister, Nora, start to deteriorate. It’s at this point that Eric has had enough. He summons Willa, and she hatches a plan. She gets with a guard, and removes his contacts to get some glamor going on. The guard shows up at Eric’s chamber, and they kill the DR who was checking up on Nora. Eric assumes the identity of the guard, and Nora the DR. They’re off to fetch Pam, Tara, and Jessica. First off though, Eric stops by a room and sees what the Governor’s big plan is. They’re putting Hepatitis V into every new bottle of Tru Blood.

Finally, we leave off with Sookie & Warlow, as she talks about being called a ‘Danger Whore’ by the people of Bon Temps. She says it may be true, as she has these feelings for Warlow she’s not sure if she wants. She then proceeds to get nakey and they do the deed right there in Fairy Land. And we’re out…

Final Word: Yup, another great episode, proving that this season is a definite jewel in True Blood’s crown. The story arcs are fantastic, with all introduced characters interesting, and the show having no qualms with taking out long established characters. Every episode seems to go by quicker than the last, and leaves you wishing you could just watch the entire season in one sitting, the wait be damned. A hell of an episode, a hell of a season. A damn shame we’re only getting 10 episodes.