With Metallica set to rock the atmosphere at SDCC ’13, it’s no big surprise we’re getting new promotions for the new film. Picturehouse has released a new trailer that offers just a tad bit more on the character of Dane Dehaan. It’s hard to say what exactly Dehaan is caught in the middle of but it doesn’t look friendly. What we see is images of riots,  looting and pure unadulterated anarchy, all to the backdrop of Metallica jamming out at a live performance. Awesome concept if you ask me.

Check out the Comic-Con 2013 Metallica Through The Never trailer now!


On top of that, we have a brand new Comic-Con 2013 poster from the studio as well, showing off an intense Dane Dehaan sporting a bandana around his face, with a hoodie.

Comic-Con 2013 Metallica Through The Never trailer

The ambitious concert film is directed by Nimród Antal, who also directed the Robert Rodriguez 2010 film Predators. The Metallica concert film take on IMAX theaters everywhere offering the largest format for Metallica fans possible.

Metallica Through the Never, opening in IMAX 3D theaters on September 27 before expanding on October 4th. What do you think of the new Comic-Con 2013 Metallica Through The Never trailer and poster for Metallica Through the Never?

Source: ITunes Movie Trailers , Yahoo Movies!