Welcome to week 5 of Franchise Fight Club, where every fanboy is a victim! Here at Franchise Fight Club, we aim to make sure that every beloved property is given a chance to have its ass whooped, whether you like it or not. We seek the result of every victorious outcome even if it means your franchise is a loser.

This week, the battle gets bigger than ever! Today, we’re going to look at two of the most iconic monsters ever to destroy cities. Who would win in a battle to the death? Godzilla vs. King Kong? One has to be victorious. Question is, will it be the world’s largest pissed off lizard, or the ape who terrorized New York? Blood will be shed!

Let’s begin!

Let’s Compare!

Godzilla vs. King KongGodzilla

Godzilla is said to be a consequential result of our behavior during World War 2. The giant lizard was created during an atomic bomb test, which caused him to mutate into a beast the size of a large building. When he first made himself public, he was seen as an enemy, that is until other monsters worse than him began attacking innocent life. From this point on he was considered a savior than a force of evil.

Godzilla is one of the most iconic monsters of all time and his roar can be recognized by damn near everyone. His perception on collateral damage nay be lacking, but this is a beast who is a protector. However, do not get on his bad side.

Side note: Because I hate the movie so damn much, we’re not even going to acknowledge the 1998 Roland Emmerich version.


Godzilla vs. King KongKing Kong

King Kong is a large primate from the shores of Skull Island. He is said to be the last remaining ape of his species from the prehistoric era. Which is probably why he is lonely and grumpy. He may be aggressive and unpredictably violent, but deep down this big gorilla is a softy. Also, he has a ton of woman problems with his mad love for beautiful actress Ann Darrow. Even though his tale ended tragically, when it comes to Kong, he truly is the King.

Additional Differences…

  • King Kong is about 131 feet tall in height. Various versions of Godziila range from 164 to 328 feet high in scale.
  • King Kong in his movie took down three T-Rexes with his bare hands. Godzilla has taken down a vast amount of enemies during his long career.
  • King Kong has a thing for terrorizing blondes. Godzilla has a thing for terrorizing Asians.
  • King Kong was killed by attack planes on top of the Empire State Building. Godzilla cannot be defeated by some weak ass plane.

Which Brings Us To Combat Abilities

Godzilla vs. King KongGodzilla has possessed many various unique powers through his cinematic evolution.. However, the most frequently displayed is his Atomic Breath, which is often confused with breathing fire. The intensity level is adjusted depending on the force needed to attack his enemies. In small force, the breath flies out in the form of a small blue ray, but in intense doses shoots in an orange/red color scheme. Godzilla also posses great strength and has a strong resistance to attacks. This guy is not easily hurt by any means.

King Kong may not have special unique powers to his advantage but he makes up for it with speed, strategy and intelligence. He also utilized melee combat in the Tohu appearances of the character. Kong also has the advantage of learning and adapting to his opponents fighting style. So, this would definitely not be a one sided match. Given the right circumstances, Kong will ambush and trap his opponent if necessary.

So Who Would Win?

Before I make my final decision, let us see what the Renegade Staff thinks!

Godzilla vs. King KongTony Beaulieu: Kong cause he’s American! USA! USA! USA!

Calibertholomew Winfield: It’s not even a contest, really. Godzilla is like 200 stories high, 400 if you go by the original English version. Now, not only is he about 6-10 times taller, he has the nuke breath. You can’t beat the nuke breath. Godzilla is The Rocky of giant monster movies, as he’s battled them all, and won. Hell, even beat the crappy Goldzilla from the remake in 1998 in Godzilla: Final Wars.

Ryan Jarcy: godzilla. here’s why:

godzilla is a beast conceived in the farthest depths of the seas by nuclear fallout, belched forth as an angry response to post-WWII atomic playboys and the effects to which an entire nation found itself condemned without the simple knowledge of what was happening to them as their skin flaked away and their hair came out in clumps. a monster representative not only of the global ataxia in the field of long-term radiation exposure research but of the relentless and universally-pervasive nature of the wars that wrought both heavy industry and human genocide in their wake. as a symbol of the regressive, primal context of war and conflict, godzilla was the pure wrath of an angry god upon the flock who took his gifts too far in the unholy name of nationalism; a beast as incomprehensible and impossible to stop as agony itself.

king kong was an ape. a very large ape. apes, as are most simians, are vulnerable to explosives and kinetic bombardment, to the extreme that a single large bullet or bomb of significant power could kill it. because it was a really big ape, captured by some white chumps, and that’s all.

if we’re going to be throwing around HE ordnance, i’d put my money on the beast with radiation, hatred and damage absorbtion in its DNA. which is not the ape.

Jesse Blume: Godzilla. The big guy’s got size, strength, savagery, regeneration, and radioactive breath on his side. King Kong’s one tough SOB, but tenacity only goes so far.

Godzilla vs. King KongRick Tym: Gotta go with King Kong here. Sure Godzilla is taller, can breathe fire + radioactive clouds, and has tougher, scaly skin, but Kong was the KING of Skull Island. He dealt with dinosaurs, huge insects, and other assorted challenges while there. I think that Kong’s brute strength and fighting ability, combined with his agility and speed, would allow him to run circles around clunky old Godzilla. Enough running, jumping, and hitting and Godzilla would be punch drunk and reeling. Breathing fire doesn’t mean much if you can swivel your head around fast enough to actually hit a moving target.

Aidan Myles Green: Ryan Jarcy’s response was spot-on. GREAT answer.

Godzilla would win. Kong had a hard enough time handling a T-Rex on Skull Island – add Godzilla’s fire-breathing radioactivity to the mix, and Kong is no match.

Shawn S. Lealos: Everyone except Rick has gone with Godzilla, because he breaths fire and stuff, so I will – as always – I will be contrary. I will go with King Kong. As Rick said, Kong became King because of his fighting skills in the jungle against creatures big and small, so he has the knowledge of fighting that should come in handy against Godzilla. Second, Godzilla can only use his fire if he gets Kong in his sights, so with careful planning, he can beat Godzilla, who just kind of rampages around anyway. Then, in a brawl, Kong wins.

Actually, Godzilla probably would win, but someone has to take the King’s side.




Godzilla vs. King Kong

Godzilla Wins!!

Even though Kong has speed and intelligence on his side. Kong would eventually fatigue and crumble just trying to inflict any sort of damage against Godzilla. The big lizard might be slow but he is damn near impenetrable and would just keep coming. This would be one hell of a fight though and Kong would definitely put up a respectable effort against the monster.

So, there you have it! Do you agree with this winner? Are you upset that King Kong is no match for Godzilla’s resistance to damage? Tell me why in the section below!

Next week, with The Wolverine hitting theaters, our discussion will dive into two of the greatest Marvel badasses…Wolverine Vs. Blade!! Tune in!