Film director Damon Blalack and Marisa Ferrell formed the Red Dirt International Film Festival to bring inspiration, culture and entertainment to Stillwater, Oklahoma, the home of the Red Dirt music genre. The festival, an ancillary division of Inspire Shine Heal, takes place on October 25 and 26 and will screen films around Stillwater, including on the campus of Oklahoma State University.

The entry fees of the films submitted will help pay for the festival itself, but Blalack needs help to make the festival the best it can be. Blalack plans on using Withoutabox, the premiere film festival directory, as his call for entries. This submission format actually costs the festival a fee of $1,500 and that is where he is asking Kickstart contributors for their help.

“With the success of this Kickstarter campaign, we’ll be able to get a WB account established in enough time to receive a suitable number of film submissions, by which the larger festival will be able to be implemented from all our past year’s worth of planning,” Blalack said.

For his part, Damon Blalack is a college film professor and filmmaker who also formed the Artists’ Coalition of Stillwater. The Kickstarter campaign is set up on a 14-day schedule and will end on July 24, so any help during this last week will make sure the Red Dirt International Film Festival can be the best is can be.

To help out with the Kickstarter campaign and learn more about the project click here.

For more information, feel free to contact Damon Blalack at