Is it just me or does it seem like Warner Brothers is heavily pushing their Godzilla movie at Comic-Con this year? All I’ve seen from the studio is promotion after promotion leading up to this weekend. I feel as if I don’t even have to attend the event to know what the SDCC attendees are getting.

Which brings me to the latest Godzilla update. Last night, press got an invite from Legendary Pictures to attend their Comic-Con event The Godzilla Experience. The decent folks over at Deadline managed to give us our first exclusive image of the face of the gigantic monster himself. Check out the Comic-Con 2013 Godzilla image below!

Comic-Con 2013 Godzilla

Pretty cool stuff. You can tell they are going for an updated version of the classic look of Godzilla. Definitely appears pissed off in the photo provided. My curiosity is growing rapidly on what this bad boy is going to look like in the teaser trailer. One thing is certain, Godzilla is back and is ready to destroy cities again. Watch out Japan!

Also check out over 75 images of the event at Collider.

Godzilla makes a smashing return to the big screen May 16, 2014!

Source: Deadline