jldark9Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is already starting to take the internet world by storm now that the review embargo has been lifted…and in true del Toro fashion, the director is already looking ahead to other projects on the horizon. This guy is linked to so much stuff it baffles the mind how he keeps it all straight (hey Mr. del Toro, need an assistant?)…and while this Renegade Reporter will continue to hold his proverbial breath for news of the resurrection of In the Mountains of Madness, the latest scoop concerns his planned Justice League Dark adaptation entitled, for now (and aptly enough), Dark Universe.

What is Justice League Dark/Dark Universe, you ask? C’mon, if you’re at Renegade, you’re already a geek. Should you not know the answer to this question, hand in your membership card and official t-shirt upon exiting.  Just kidding…Dark Universe is set to be the film exploration of the adventures of the ‘dark’ Justice League which is made up of the more supernatural characters of DC Comics lore, such as Constantine, the Demon, the Spectre, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna. If this happens, the geek-gasms will be strong for yours truly.

How does this fit into the new DC film universe? Hard to say, but the success (good or bad depending on who you talk to around here) of Man of Steel certainly means that things should start moving forward with more reinterpretations/re-imaginings of DC characters. Whatever the case may be, del Toro has announced that he has a preference when it comes to Dark Universe:

“The great thing about the Dark Universe is you have this possibility of basically creating a supernatural group and you can play by different rules, but I would love to see the DC Universe become as cohesive as the Marvel filmic universe. So if there’s any correlation, I will honor it.”


Sounds like the man is down to coexist in the same universe as the “regular” Justice League. Pretty cool idea, actually. And with Marvel going with more “outer fringe” properties like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s not a real stretch to consider one day seeing JLD team up or clash with JLA on the big screen. Interesting prospects like these means that there are very interesting and strange days (indeed!) coming our way with regards to the DC film universe. At the time of this Renegade Report, del Toro had completed a script and was actively searching for a lead screenwriter. If anything more breaks on Dark Universe, you’ll be sure to see it here.
Source: /Film