Curse of Chucky trailerChucky is coming back, and unlike other horror franchises, this one is not another reboot, but an actual sequel to the classic Child’s Play franchise. Check out the Curse of Chucky trailer above and then come back to learn more about it.

The big thing to understand about Curse of Chucky is that the filmmakers chose to make this a more scary horror movie, similar to the first Child’s Play instead of jokey like the sequels which became more goofy as the movies wore on.

However, there is one problem with the new movie when it comes to quality.

Curse of Chucky is going to be a straight to DVD movie and will hit stores on October 8, the same day that “Chucky: The Complete Collection” hits Blu-ray. What is great is that Curse of Chucky will be part of that set, so you can get the new movie packaged all together with  the original Child’s Play and all the sequels.

Brad Dourif is returning to voice Chucky in Curse of Chucky, although there isn’t much in the trailer with Chucky cracking jokes. That is always one positive – just let Chucky wreck havoc and let the blood flow and things should be just fine.