True Blood At LastWe pick up at Casa Del Stackhouse right after Jason’s collapse. Ben & Sookie move him to the couch, as Sook’ heads to the phone to call 911. Once she’s out of sight, Ben looks around, seemingly contemplating a descion before baring his fangs, opening his arm and dripping blood into Jason’s mouth. HA! Suck it! I knew he was Warlow. Slam-dunk for Caliber. Outside, Grampa has tracked down Eric’s sister and begins to ask her how she knows Warlow. She says that he is Lilith’s progeny, and is the one who can kill her. She tries to bite Gramps and he blasts her into the street where she’s hot down by some vamp cops. Grampa heads back home, and dresses down Ben because he was suppose to help him, not rush back into the house. Ben apologizes, and decides it’d be best to posse out. Meanwhile, Jason decides to bust out 250 pull-ups. As he’s feeling better, Sookie heads to the living room where Jason was laying down and finds a drop of blood, and realizes that it belongs to a no goodknik.

Meanwhile, the Vampire Police along with the Governor have busted down Ginger’s door in hopes of finding Eric & the gang. They aren’t there of course, instead we find them hanging in a sewer, sans Tara. She quickly shows up, and states that she left the Gov’s daughter at some fair grounds, prompting Eric to fly off. Once there, he discovers that she hasn’t left yet, because she legitimately wants to help Eric. Well, he wants to make sure she isn’t one of those people who say they want to help a cause and just change their Facebook photo, so he offers up to change her to vampire. She’s all for it, so they get with the burying themselves.

Over at Fort Werewolf, they’ve eaten all of the intruders, and now are on the search for the missing member, as well as Emma, as the grandmother has just discovered that Sam has taken her.

At the Belleffuer Estate, Andy puts his daughters to bed, and once the lights go out they start talking about how it’s happening again. Lights turn back on, and they’re now around 16-18. They decide that hanging at home when they could be 60 in a few hours is for the supernatural birds, so they raid Arlene’s closet and take off in Andy’s police car. Watching this all go down in a nearby SUV is Bill & Jessica. They decide to follow them as they venture to a convenient store and try their luck buying booze & cigarettes. Nice bit of continuity when the store clerk happens to be the same one from the first cold open of the first episode of the series. At this point, Jessica shows up to help the girls with their purchases, and convinces them to come back to Bill’s pad. There, he cyphens blood from each girl, in hopes the good doctor he’s keeping prisoner can synthesize it. However, the DR says that the properties that make this blood special do not last outside of the host for very long, so being able to synthesize will next to impossible.

In dream land, Jason has a dream where he & Ben are shaving each other in a seductive manner. See, it’s a fine line. When my friends & I are shaving one another, we make sure to do our best to keep the seductiveness down. It’s hard though, I admit.

Elsewhere, Sookie is hatching a plan. She invites Ben to dinner, and cooks him up some fried chicken and such but adds silver nitrate. While she’s out shopping for the groceries, Jason finally wakes up and heads down stairs to talk shop with Gramps. After some discussion they realize that what happened is, not only is Ben in fact Warlow, but he’s a hybrid. Half Fae-Half Vampire. He’s a daywalker. Even with this information they feel their best mode of attack is just to rush his hotel room without any real preparation. They bust in with intent to chew bubble gum & kick ass, and they’re all out of kick-ass. Ben sets a trap and takes them both down. He glamours Jason to forget everything, and it’s finally revealed that he is in fact Warlow. Once Jason is gone, Warlow begins to drain Gramps. Later they end up on the bridge where Sookie’s parents died, and it’s revealed that Gramps is still alive. I’m not sure if Warlow turned him or not, or if he just decided to suck out his Fae blood for fun, because he wasn’t drinking it. As it goes, he hucks Gramps into the dimension that Warlow finally escaped from. Needless to say, Gramps is thumbs down about this.

Sam, Nicole, and Emma crash at a hotel on their escape from the werewolves. Emma goes right to sleep, while Sam & Nicole decide to drink and engage in carnal affairs. You know, doing it.

Eric wakes up with Willow, and breaks the news to her that she has to head home. To force her father to see that she’s now vampire, and to call off his persecution of them. She’s displeased with this news, but does it regardless. Once home, her father is a bit bummed, however, he seems like he may lighten up tot he idea, that is, until Willow looses control and attempts to bite him. Lucky for the Governor, Reverend Steve Newlin’s wife is banging him, and was ready with the pistol. She insists the daughter goes to the camp.

Back at Bill’s house, the girls all want to leave, but Jessica can’t let that happen. Downstairs, Bill hears a scream come from up stairs and heads up to see what’s going on. As he enters, all of Andy’s daughters are laying around the room lifeless, while Jessica is bawling her eyes out. She says she couldn’t help herself, and prays they’re still alive.

At Sookie’s place, Ben finally shows up and gets to eating. The silver-nitrate doesn’t do jack, as he just mows down the food. Eventually they work their way over to the sofa, and decide to start practicing makin’ babies. However, just as things are heading towards some over-the-bra cop-a-feel, Sookie lets it be known she’s aware it’s Warlow, and has a huge ball of light ready for him. With that, we’re out.

Last Word: True Blood continues to prove itself as one of the best supernatural dramas of all time. Hell, flat out one of the best dramas period. Warlow is one of the more interesting characters they’ve introduced in a long time, and I’m eager to see what’s done with him. He’s been made out to be a hell of a lot more vicious than he actually is. He seems to genuinely care for Sookie. He didn’t kill Jason, and he spared Gramps. Even if he did throw him in the Outerworld. I also want to find out who the hell that one drifter looking vampire is from a few episodes ago. He showed up for a few seconds, and we haven’t heard from him since. Bottom line, another great episode in so far another great season.