With all the talk now making it look like Guillermo Del Toro won’t get to finish his Hellboy trilogy, it might be better to talk about what he will be doing after his horror movie Crimson Peak. While promoting Pacific Rim, Del Toro had more to say about his DC Comics adaptation, Justice League Dark.

Just to catch you up, Justice League Dark is a group of mystical heroes in the DC Universe who team to battle the magical beings that the regular heroes can’t deal with. Members include Deadman, John Constantine, Katana and Etrigan the Demon. The Del Toro adaptation will be called Heaven Sent and he wants to add Swamp Thing to the mix.

“Monsters! More monsters,” Del Toro said. “When I was following the DC comics in my youth, my favorites were Swamp Thing, [Etrigan the] Demon, Deadman … My earliest love was Constantine, and I love Zatanna, Destiny, the whole mythology. So we’re working on a really rich mythological environment.”

Looking at some of his older movies, such as Pan’s Labyrinth and the two Hellboy movies, the ideas of what Del Toro could accomplish with the Justice League Dark series is mouth watering. I pretty much want anything Del Toro will give me, but Heaven Sent is something I really look forward to eventually seeing.

We have seen Constantine and Swamp Thing in a movie before, but the rest of the characters will be new to 90-percent of the movie going audience, so this might be a hard sell, but I will preach to the end of time that Guillermo Del Toro can do no wrong. If Justice League Dark gets green lit, I will scream from rooftops to help promote it.

Source: Screen Rant