When The Dark Knight Rises came out on home video, the questions immediately rose about whether or not there would be some kind of super great Dark Knight Trilogy box set. Those questions have now been answered. After some photos leaked online, The Hollywood Reporter finally reported on July 2 that The Dark Knight Trilogy box set would hit stores to buy in September.

There is already a Dark Knight box set available through Amazon.com (buy the Dark Knight Trilogy box set here) but this new set will have all the bells and whistles that the former set lacked at a higher price ($99.97 MSRP). Of course, the set will probably cost much less when it goes on sale.

The Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy box set will include all three movies in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, plus two new featurettes and a bunch of collectible memorabilia. From the look of the photograph, that includes toys, a hard cover booklet and what looks like some Mondo postcards. While the trinkets are cool, what really matters is the new featurettes.

The first is The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of The Dark Knight Trilogy. This will look at the creation of the franchise and talks to people like Guillermo Del Toro, Michael Mann and Zack Snyder. That one has me the most excited. The second is Christopher Nolan & Richard Donner: A Conversation. This is a sit down discussion with Nolan and the man who directed the first two Superman movies as they talk about bringing these DC Comics icons to the big screen.

I’ll definitely be picking this up, how about you?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter