Looks like it just wasn’t Channing Tatum or Jamie Foxx’s weekend as White House Down flops at the box office on its opening weekend.

White House Down FlopsWhite House Down finished the weekend with a disappointing $25.7M take at the domestic box office, only enough to earn 4th place behind Monsters University ($46.2M), The Heat ($40M), and World War Z ($29.8M). It seems that people are getting a little tired of Roland Emmerich blowing up the District of Columbia. And there is some Olympus Has Fallen fatigue to consider as well.

Still, there’s always hope for Independence Day 2, with or without Will Smith.

My recommendation? Go see This Is The End. It. Is. Hilarious. Or, if you’d like to support Emmerich and his explosion-y ways, you can check out Renegade Cinema’s review here. (Disclaimer: it ain’t pretty.)

Source: IGN