It’s only been seven years since the last terrible Frank Miller-RoboCop comic book mercifully received its final issue, and this August BOOM! Studios is looking to reclaim the magic. Frank Miller, along with Steven Grant, Korkut Öztekin and Declan Shalvey have been announced as the creative team behind the upcoming project RoboCop: Last Stand.

We don’t know for sure is Frank Miller is the writer yet, so not all hope is lost — maybe he’s just doing covers. Steven Grant has written RoboCop comics in the past, as well.

Can we give Frank Miller a rest already? He did The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City and THAT’S IT. If he’s not doing any new Sin City material then I don’t give a shit. Give someone else a chance to misinterpret RoboCop, will you?

Hey maybe this will be a crossover with the Arnold Schwarzenegger flop from earlier this year — a sort of “worst of” from relics left over from the ’80s.


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  1. Devan Gill May 15, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Granted, Frank Miller has lost his luster in recent years (on the upside, he made “I’m the goddamn Batman” an unforgettable pop culture catchphrase), and his latest work is more insane than insanely good, but Miller was a brilliant writer in his prime. In addition to The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City, he had a memorable run on Wolverine and Daredevil (which included Man Without Fear and Born Again), and his self-contained books (Hard Boiled, Give Me Liberty and Ronin) are pretty damn good. I don’t know if he lost his mojo or simply doesn’t give a shit anymore, but the guy still deserves some respect. Miller has a well-documented history with the Robocop movies, which explains these fumbled attempts to write the character his way. On that front, I agree that it doesn’t work. Hopefully, though, Miller will realize that his name alone doesn’t carry much weight if there isn’t a good story to back it up.