WWE Countdown Recap: Top 10 WWE Superstar Entrances

Week 2 of the new WWE Network original series WWE Countdown aired and this week, they counted down the Top 10 most spectacular WWE superstar entrances ever. Here is a look at this week’s WWE Countdown recap.


Top 10 WWE Superstar Entrances


Former NWA superstar Magnum T.A. was actually talking here! He mentioned how, when he wrestled there were no big entrances. Guys like CM Punk, Mick Foley, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and more talked about how important the entrances for wrestlers are now.

WWE Superstar Entrances

10. The Sandman

This was a great addition since it was from ECW. People like Joey Styles, Tommy Dreamer, Paul Heyman and more talked about him walking through the crowds, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and then smashing the cans on his head and started bleeding right off the bat. It was also funny because Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes said that he was a horrible wrestler, so his entrance was the best part. It should be noted that they never once mentioned the crowd singing along with Metallica’s Enter Sandman. I understand them not using the song (rights money), but they should have at least mentioned it.


WWE Superstar Entrances

9. Goldust

Of course, this had the gold lights as well as the widescreen bars on the top and bottom of the screen when he came down to the ring. Jerry Lawler also mentioned how Goldust did this to psyche out his opponents before the match. Daniel Bryan also pointed out the eye candy of Marlena who came down with him. Dustin Rhodes also talked about what was going through him mind when portraying Goldust in the entrances.


WWE Superstar Entrances

8. The Ultimate Warrior

Daniel Bryan called it his favorite entrance ever. Of course, it was Warrior running full speed and then shaking the ropes, blowing himself up before the match even started. George Steele said that was the only great part of Warrior’s matches. Christian said that some like him and some don’t but no one will ever forget him.


WWE Superstar Entrances

After this, there was a look at the ring robes. Triple H brought up Gorgeous George. Natalya mentioned Rick Rude. Jimmy Hart talked about Greg Valentine, and Valentine himself said he had about 15 of them. CM Punk said the classic robes were always on Ric Flair. A lot of superstars feel they should make a comeback.


WWE Superstar Entrances

7. Chris Jericho

Paul Heyman called Jericho a “money wrestler” because he knows how important it is for him to look like a star when he comes out. Chris Jericho himself invented the countdown himself and he said he came up with it while he was at the post office and saw a countdown for the Millennium. Christian talked about his stance, with his arms held out to his side and spinning around. Jericho said that he tried to change his song, but it won’t change because it is evergreen.


WWE Superstar Entrances

6. Rey Mysterio

Most of the people talked about his opening theme but then Kofi Kingston and Beth Phoenix talked about how he was explode out of the stage and land on his feet like a real life superhero. Then he would give a mask to one of the kids at ringside and would talk to all the kids that he could on the way to the ring.


WWE Superstar Entrances

5. Triple H

The biggest thing that WWE superstars talked about first was the Motorhead song. Triple H said it was about the performance of coming to the ring and he doesn’t understand why more people don’t put a lot of work into that. Cody Rhodes also talks about the light under the stage, something no one else has. Santino also pointed out how spitting the water almost looks like blowing smoke like a dragon.


WWE Superstar Entrances

4. Goldberg

Billy Kidman talked about how Goldberg being walked out to the ring and then standing inside the pyro made it look like he was a real man. Beth Phoenix mentioned how he breathed out the pyro smoke and it proved he was a monster. Arn Anderson, Mick Foley and Billy Kidman thought it was nuts and dangerous. Randy Orton said he was just coming out like a fighter and he loved it. They then showed the Gillberg entrance and CM Punk said he loved the spoof.


WWE Superstar Entrances


I can’t believe Kane didn’t make the Top 10, but looking at the Top 10 WWE Superstar Entrances so far, there was a lot here to match up to. As for Eddie Guerrero, JBL couldn’t stop gushing about how great Eddie Guerrero was in everything that he did. Vickie Guerrero even talked about her late husband. Edge talked about how cool the entrance was with him Christian and Gangrel coming up from the stage surrounded by fire.


WWE Superstar Entrances

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Of course, the biggest thing to start here is the glass breaking. Daniel Bryan also mentioned the strut that Steve Austin walked with. CM Punk mentioned how the glass breaking was a way to show that Austin was out there to break through the glass ceilings. The Miz said it was all about Austin having the attitude to carry off the character. They also really showed the beer as a way to show that Austin will do anything that he wants.


WWE Superstar Entrances

2. Degeneration X

Michael Cole mentioned how DX is who put the attitude in the Attitude Era and Mick Foley said it was the entrance that everyone wishes they could have. They mentioned the entrance video and the attitude on their way to the ring. They also mentioned the audience participation, especially with Road Dogg or Triple H giving the “introduction” during the entrance. Santino mentioned the pyro X that exploded behind them. Then, there was the glow sticks. Ted DiBiase Jr. said he was about to wrestle them and they came out in a tank, and he said he looked at Cody and couldn’t believe it.


WWE Superstar Entrances

1. The Undertaker

This one was a no-brainer as there has never been anything like it. Mick Foley said the lighting and music was perfect, but The Undertaker himself made it perfect. Big Show called it the best entrance in the history of professional wrestling. Natalya said she gets goose bumps every time she hears it and CM Punk said he got goose bumps just thinking about it. It is the perfect number one choice, although I would have liked to see something about the druids.

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