Live from I Don’t Know Where, Because I Can’t Find Out

Your hosts are Mongo, Bish’, and The Brain.

Tonight’s episode starts off with one of Nitro’s biggest moments; Madusa coming out and literally trashing the WWE Women’s Championship. Man alive, she has to regret that descion, seeing as she wrestled maybe a handful of women’s matches in 1996, and after that the next time she was seen was in 2000 when she was hanging with Macho and fighting Oklahoma. Mongo says he’s tired of wrestlers running up there on him, so he brought a friend to keep them at bay, William “The Fridge” Perry.


Ric Flair vs Eddie Guerrero
Eddie holds his own for a while until he makes the mistake of going up top. Ric hits the ropes, causing Eddie to fall and bust his knee on the outside. Ric follows, and in a pretty sweet move, doesn’t just kick Eddie’s knee, but makes a run first. He throws him back in and slaps on the Figure 4 while grabbing the ropes until Eddie passes out. Not rocket science, but damn entertaining. Mean Gene comes in for an interview while the EMTs get Eddie out of the ring. Ric, being the gentlemen that he is, helps them by kicking Eddie in order to help roll him along.
Eddie passes out while in the Figure 4 at 7:37 | **

Mean Gene talks with Arn & Ric for a minute before Taskmaster & Jimmy Hart show up. He says he respects the Horsemen, but he doesn’t dig Pillman. He tells’em to keep Brian on a short leash, or he’s gonna come find him. I wish Nitro was All Horsemen, All The Time.

Over at the announcer booth, because The Fridge is apparently protecting them from wrestlers just walking up, Sgt Craig Pitman simply walks on up and asks Heenan to manage him. He says he’s no longer a manager, but he can reference him to some good people.

Lex Luger vs Buff Bagwell
It’s about what you’d expect. Luger plays around with him, then Bagwell gets in a few good shots which pisses off the Package. He promptly puts him in the Rack for the submission. Well, to be fair, Bagwell was probably thinking about how if wrestling doesn’t workout he could always become a prostitute.
Luger earns the submission victory when Bagwell taps to the Rack at 3:06 | *

Sting vs Lord Robert Eaton
Eaton gets a few shots in, but once he leaps off the top rope and misses, it’s all over. Stinger nails the splash and hits the Deathlock.
Eaton taps out to the Deathlock at 3:59 | *

Gene comes out to interview Sting about his triangle match for the WCW title coming up at Starrcade. He says everyone knows how he feels about Flair. As for Macho, well, he respects him, but he’s been a 5 time champ himself, and he’d love to make it 6.

The Giant vs Macho Man Randy Savage
The question tonight is; how much does Hulk Hogan help out Macho in order to retain?

He’s able to dodge The Giant at first, followed by laying in a few blows & putting him in the sleeper. It almost works, but eventually The Giant comes to and begins beating the crap out of him for the remainder of the match. At one point Giant goes for a top rope splash, which is freaking awesome, by the way, but Macho ducks out of the way and hits the elbow, however it only gets him 2 ½ . Back up, The Giant drop kicks Macho to the outside, and then pulls back the mats for a suplex on the concrete. However on the way down, Macho grabs the rope, and only the Giant hits the pavement. This match is turning out to be way better than anyone could have thought. Back in the ring, Macho eats a chokeslam, and instead of him kicking out like a fighting champion, Hulk Hogan comes in and makes the save before the ref counts 3. What a load of bullshit. This makes Macho look like a complete and total bitch. The Giant wasn’t cheating at all, he was simply getting the best of Mach’. However, Savage was holding his own and getting a few bright moments to make the best of, which was exciting. Instead of continuing that way, they go with this ridiculous ending.
Macho is DQ’ed when Hogan runs in with the chair and starts hitting people at 7:38 | ***

Hogan continues hitting refs, officials, and anyone else he pleases. What kind of babyface is this?! He is getting chanted like crazy though, which is a definite sign that the people want a much different Hogan than they’ve been getting these past 11 years.

Mean Gene comes down for an interview, and as he begins talking, Giant comes down screaming for Hulkster while Taskmaster and I believe newest member of the DoD, SGT Pitman, hold him back. Hogan runs down quickly and nails The Giant & Taskmaster a few more times with the chair before running back to the ring to finish the interview. I won’t lie, that was pretty awesome. Hogan says Macho owes him a title shot, why? Because go to hell. Macho says after he beats Flair at Nitro next week, and survives Starrcade, then Hogan’s got it. Of course, they then play Hogan’s music afterwards, not Macho’s, the World Heavyweight Champion.

Match of the Night: Macho Man vs The Giant. One of Paul’s best matches, far as I’m concerned. They went above & beyond what we’ve come to expect with The Giant, along with Macho they made for one hell of an exciting match. Would have loved to see this on a PPV with proper time and no Hogan.
Move of the Night: The Giant’s top rope splash. Big guys did not do that sort of thing back then, and if he were to land something like that it’d be game f’ning over.
Announcer Moment of the Night: Mongo ranting & raving about hating when wrestlers just approach them, and thus he’s brought along Perry to protect them. Followed immediately by Sgt. Pitman strolling up and approaching them.

Solid show this week. The mid-card matches were throw away, but Flair & Eddie was pretty decent, and Macho & Giant had a great outing. Also, it never hurts to see Buff Bagwell.