Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

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Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

Yousef Turan (“Homeland”)

Played by : Jared Ward

One of the most charismatic and instantly likeable characters to grace the box this year, Yousef Turani assisted Brody (Damien Lewis) in the episodes revolving around the tense Iran mission. Sadly, the kindly doctor didn’t make it too far – – but that’s unlikely to be the case of his portrayer, Jared Ward, who is certain for bigger things after this grand turn.

Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

Kelly¬† (“The Michael J.Fox Show”)

Played by : Tracy Pollan

Mrs Michael J.Fox proved – just as her real-life husband has – that she’s ‘still got it’, when she guest-starred as the foxy neighbor to Fox’s Mike Henry. Dead-on perfect comic timing and killer looks resulted in one of the show’s high points.

Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress (“Arrow”)

Played by : Jessica De Gouw

De Gouw was so electrifying as the mysterious vixen Helena that, after just three episodes,¬† she was offered the lead role in her own drama – Dracula. De Gouw does some of her best work in the ‘Arrow’ episode The Huntress Returns.

Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

Sherriff Perkins (“Under the Dome”)

Played by : Jeff Fahey

’90s stud Jeff Fahey (The Lawnmower Man) follows up his more recent, more involved role on TV hit Lost with a ‘one-off’ appearance (in the pilot) of the drama’s first major victim to the ‘Dome’. The sheriff’s pacemaker goes off when he gets too close to it – -and we all jumped out of our seats! In just 42 minutes, Fahey had us fall for a character. Now that’s the sign of a good actor!

Five Best Supporting Characters on TV in 2013

Danny Chase (“The Crazy Ones”)

Played by : Josh Groban

The musician can act! In one of the funnier episodes of the new sitcom, Groban co-stars as an ex co-worker of Sydney’s, now a popular musician, whose obsession with her becomes all too clear via a new song he’s written for her. Groban was hilariously funny!

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