NBC further feeding our hunger for horror, is making a mini series  re-imagining of Ira Levin’s maternal nightmare, Rosemary’s Baby. The book made horror movie history under the direction of Roman Polanski, who pretty much followed it frame-by-page. No novices to the horror genre, the new four hour long Rosemary’s Baby TV mini-series will be written by James Wong, writer of American Horror Story and Final Destination, and Scott Abbott, who wrote the 2002 movie adaptation of Queen of the Damned.

NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke talked about the upcoming Rosemary’s Baby TV miniseries:

“As we move into the event movie and miniseries space, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ represents the kind of attention-getting, surprising project that will make noise for us,” Salke said. “The story has been updated and moved to Paris, but it’s faithful to the spirit of Ira Levin’s classic novel. This is a compelling tale wonderfully told.”

The show, being directed by Agnieszka Holland (Treme, The Killing), will differ slightly, being set in Paris, France instead of New York City, but the basic premise seemingly will remain the same. A young couple moves into a creepy, but exclusive apartment building, with a sinister, satanic and haunted history, and amazingly attentive, yet obnoxious neighbors that prove to be oh so helpful when sweet Rosemary Woodhouse finds herself pregnant.

Where most horror movies make for great date night snuggling, Rosemary’s Baby made for great cinematic birth control.

Casting will commence immediately and will either make or break it’s success, with such an iconic role as played by Mia Farrow in the 1968 film. After the first successful season of Hannibal (I reserve comment on Dracula), I have faith.

Here’s to hoping that the writers will stay true to Levin’s vision of an innocent young thing living every mother to be’s nightmare – that there is something wrong with their baby.