The first phase of Marvel Comics movies from the studio saw Iron Man take front and center. While Captain America, Thor and the Hulk were all important parts as well, it was Iron Man who led the way, and with three movies already out about old Shell Head, it was clear he was the star. Now, the recent Doctor Strange news makes it look like he will lead the way starting in phase three.

With Robert Downey Jr. only signed on for two more Avengers movies, and no more Iron Man solo outings, it looks like phase three will start building new characters. Ant-Man is the first and both Doctor Strange, and possibly the Black Panther, is coming as well. And, according to sources, Marvel wants Doctor Strange to be the next Iron Man.

Latino Review has a script and described what happens in that version of the Doctor Strange story. While it is not known if this is the script Marvel plans to use, Latino Review has pretty good sources in Marvel news. This Doctor Strange news shows that the movie will follow the comics pretty close.

After a short prelude with Strange and his sister as kids, where she disappears into a watery hole and is never found, we flash forward to present day where Stephen Strange is a successful, and arrogant, surgeon. Unfortunately, an automobile accident costs him the use of his hands and leaves him pretty worthless and depressed.

Of course, in the comics, he finds humility and is humbled, which leads him to become the Sorcerer Supreme, which basically means he is the most powerful magician in the world. It also states that the villains in the movie will be Dormammu and Baron Mordo. Mordo is pretty much the evil version of Strange (ie. black magic) while Dormammu is a demon.

If they are planning on making Strange the new Iron Man, I have to wonder if they are going to move away from The Avengers after the third movie and maybe have Strange lead the Defenders, or maybe a new version of the Illuminati. Either way, this Doctor Strange news makes it look like they are playing his character close to the comics version, and the redemption story is pretty close to that of Iron Man. What are your thoughts?

Source: Latino Review