The WolverineWith the release date of The Wolverine only a month away, press has already begun to pick up on the film. Some fans have speculated that James Mangold’s Wolverine film will feature a post-credits scene that will tie into the story of Bryan Singer’s next X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, those fans will be disappointed as Mangold has clarified that The Wolverine is definitely a standalone film.

“Bryan and I have talked and he’s seen what we’ve done. Clearly the reality is that we are all trying to work together and make things groove together. But the trick is we were making our movie before Bryan came on and before I knew what they were up to in that film. Our agenda was always our agenda and our movie stands alone, so the journey we take Logan on in The Wolverine, we bring to a close.”

This makes complete sense. There’s no way that they could have tied the events in The Wolverine to the events in Days of Future Past directly, since they did start production over a year earlier.

What do you think of this idea? Are you disappointed that we won’t get to see some of the other X-Men cameo in The Wolverine? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: io9