According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Fables movie is coming. This, to me, is a very cool thing, but I am afraid that once it goes into production, most people will think it is just a ripoff of Once Upon a Time and Grimm. No matter how good those shows are, and they both have positive qualities about them, Fables has them beat hands down.

Fables movieUnderstand, that while Once Upon a Time and Grimm are in their second seasons, the comic book that Fables is based on was created in 2002 by Bill Willingham. As a matter of fact, I would bet dollars to donuts that Once Upon a Time was heavily influenced by the Fables comic books.

That originally made me worried that Fables would never get off the ground despite originally being optioned back in 2008. Well, it is in development again and Jeremy Slater (who wrote for the same time I did) has been tapped to write it, following him working on the script for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

In Fables, the Fables of time have traveled throughout the world and ended up living in their own clandestine community in New York City called Fabletown. The Fables who can’t transform their look into a human form (like the three pigs) live in upstate New York on The Farm. When the comics started, Snow White was part of the government in Fabletown while the Big Bad Wolf, now reformed, could transform into a human (Bigby) and was the town sheriff.

The Fables comic book series has won 12 Eisner Awards over its run.

I for one can’t wait to see what they do with a Fables movie.¬†Danish director¬†Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) has signed on to direct it.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter