A few months back I reported a story about Tom Cruise boarding another spy franchise with Warner Brothers. I also ranted about the fact that this spy property was also another television adaptation from the 60’s involving espionage. This spy television series known as The Man from UNCLE was set to star Armie Hammer and Tom Cruise. My biggest complaint at the time was the similarities this adaptation had to Paramount’s Mission Impossible franchise. Fortunately, it appears Tom Cruise understands the meaning of the term pigeon-holing.

Tom Cruise Man From UncleDeadline says that Cruise has officially exited UNCLE to focus on the fifth entry of Mission Impossible with Paramount and Bad Robot. Armie Hammer is still attached as the sidekick role and Guy Ritchie remains as director for the film. Deadline also reports that Warner Brothers is seeking a replacement for Cruise quickly to shoot this Fall.

I am so glad this event happened. Ever since the announcement of Cruise’s involvement with this project, I’ve been less than optimistic. It’s kind of like Will Smith’s need to always play in a blockbuster all the time. I mean seriously, it is okay to diversify yourself every once in a while. However, I’m not sure how important it is that we are getting a fifth Mission Impossible movie.

What do you think though? Are you glad to see the departure of Tom Cruise and The Man from UNCLE?

Source: Deadline