Bryan Singer’s already overloaded X-Men: Days of Future Past has added another beloved mutant — Quicksilver. Singer announced via Twitter on Thursday evening that American Horror Story actor Evan Peters would be taking on the role in the director’s much anticipated return to the X-Men franchise.

QuicksilverI, obviously can’t help but wonder if this is a jab at Whedon and Disney’s announcement that Avengers 2 will feature Quicksilver and his sister Scarlet Witch. If so, this is a low blow by Fox indeed — simply including a character because the other guys are using the same mutant and you can too.

I don’t even know if it’s okay for both companies to use Quicksilver. Fox bought all X-Men-related characters, which Quicksilver is, but he’s also more know for being a member of The Avengers. Surely one film will be rewritten or I’d expect to see a lawsuit.

** Update from Shawn: According to Kevin Feige of Marvel, both companies can use Quicksilver but Marvel can’t call him a Mutant or refer to Magneto.

Source: Twitter