It’s one thing to get new trailers online, whether it is the ones you will see in theaters or on TV. However, it is another thing to get a 3D trailer online, especially one that requires you to pull out and dust off one of your old green and red 3D glasses to watch. However, there is a new Star Trek Into Darkness 3D trailer that actually popped up online for your pleasure.

Luckily, I had a pair lying around thanks to the 3D version of the Stephen King dollar baby Maxwell Edison (which will screen in its 2D version at the Comicpalooza Dollar Baby Film Festival this month), so I could throw them on and see what this trailer was all about.

So, what do I think about this Star Trek Into Darkness 3D trailer?

Well, I love 3D – and I love it a lot – but I am so glad we don’t use those green and red glasses anymore. That two minute trailer has my eyes still trying to re-focus and 3D would have died a horrible death if not for the progress James Cameron et. all made.

As for the trailer, it is pretty much the same as the recent theatrical trailer, only a lot more red and green and in poor quality 3D that is not up to the level I have come to love. I do want to saw that when Benedict Cumberbatch said his line about a ship going down with its captain, I had visions Ricardo Montalban – take that however you want.

If you have glasses lying around like I did, here is the Star Trek Into Darkness 3D trailer for your enjoyment.