In the endless attempts to remake every movie ever made in the ’80s, John Hughes’ Weird Science is next on the list. This R rated Weird Science remake will come courtesy of the man who brought us 21 Jump Street – Michael Bacall.

The good news is that Bacall took 21 Jump Street and created something awesome and fun. Hell, the movie won the Guilty Pleasure award in the Oklahoma Film Critics’ Circle 2012 awards. It was just great fun. Another plus, and this is a big one, is that Bacall also wrote the script for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, one of the best video game movies to ever come out, which is impressive since it is based on a comic book and not a game.

Now, looking at the other side of things, Scott Pilgrim was great more because of Edgar Wright’s direction than the script and Bacall also wrote the abysmal Project X. So, the question here is whether or not he can pull off what he did with 21 Jump Street again.

Michel Bacall is not John Hughes, so I have my doubts. However, I do like the R-rating and who hasn’t fantasized about an R-rated original Weird Science with Kelly LeBrock. This will all depend on who replaces BeBrock, who replaces Anthony Michael Hall and whether they can ever find anyone to replace the awesome Michael Berryman.

I’m not impressed with the news. Maybe they can prove me wrong.

Source: Collider