When the news hit that Disney was acquiring Fox, many Marvel Comics fans got excited. This means that The Fantastic Four and X-Men could return to Marvel and integrate into the world already built with The Avengers. However, it also struck fear into X-Men movie fans, who faced the fact that the long-lasting franchise could end up completely rebooted.

It also caused some to believe that successful properties like Deadpool and promising upcoming ventures like New Mutants could end up dead in the water. However, despite the acquisition, Fox doesn’t seem to care, and they continue to promote upcoming film projects, such as the Channing Tatum Gambit movie.

Now, Fox has added another movie to its production slate based in the world of the X-Men. According to Collider, Fox is planning to make a film about Kitty Pryde. Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool, is developing the X-Men spin-off movie.

Kitty Pride has appeared in the X-Men movies ever since the very first film in the franchise. While she only had a cameo, Kitty walked through a wall when Wolverine was heading for his meeting with Professor X. In X2, she phased through a wall to escape the attack on the mansion. While a different actress played each version, Kitty finally got a prominent role in X-Men: The Last Stand when Ellen Page took on the part.

In that movie, Kitty had a massive battle with Juggernaut, and she also played a significant role in X-Men: Days of Future Past. While the comics version of that story sent Kitty back in time to save the world, in the movie version, she helped send Wolverine back in time instead.

This isn’t the first time that Fox has tried to make a Kitty Pryde X-Men spin-off movie. Screen Rant reported that Joss Whedon mentioned wanting to direct one back in 2013.

Also, Slash Film reports that Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman tried to work on one in the past but that never materialized. That would have been interesting since Ellen Page starred in that duo’s movie Juno. There is no word on whether Page could return to the role.

When it comes to Fox and Disney, there are still a few hurdles to face before the acquisition completes. For now, it seems Fox just wants to keep doing business as usual until the actual deal finalizes. Much like Gambit, things could change quickly for the Kitty Pryde X-Men spin-off movie when Disney and Marvel take over.