The Hollywood Reporter has recently posted that Zoe Saldana is in negotiations for the role of Gamora in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Gamora is a beautiful green-skinned alien who is known as the deadliest assassin in the galaxy, and she is also the adopted daughter of Thanos. She has been a member of the current incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy since they were formed back in 2008.

Zoe SaldanaIf Zoe Saldana does agree to sign for the part, she’ll be joining the two male leads, Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, who will be playing Star-Lord and Drax the Destroyer respectively.

This is a very savvy move on Marvel’s part since Saldana is a veteran of sci-fi. She had a starring role in Avatar – despite appearing completely in CGI form – and she will be reprising her role as communications officer Uhura in Star Trek Into Darkness. She’s a very strong actress, and I’m sure she’ll do wonderfully in the role if she does decide to pursue it.

What do you think of the idea of Zoe Saldana playing Gamora? Do you think she’ll fit the part? Or should she try to avoid pigeon-holing herself? Why don’t you just tell us what you think in the comments below?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter