As Barry trains tirelessly to increase his speed, a new speedster makes the rounds of Central City committing crimes that lead many to believe the Flash has turned rogue. Ruling out the particle explosion and the closed breach as origins for the speedster, the speed drug Velocity 9 leads Caitlin and Joe to Mercury Labs where Caitlin obtained help from Eliza, a former colleague, while developing the formula. Eliza plays dumb when Joe and Caitlin come asking question (“How very Law & Order of you!”) but it turns out she reverse engineered the formula and has since become addicted and psychotic. Her escapades become increasingly harmful and dangerous and when she runs out of the last of her Velocity 9 she comes calling at STAR Labs, threatening to kill Jesse and Cisco unless Caitlin and Harry make her more. While she gets away with a new supply, the drug is now equipped with a nano-tracker so that they can follow her movements. Barry follows her to a bridge she is in the process of destroying. He saves everyone from the collapsing bridge and makes the jump across to tackle Trajectory. He tries to talk her out of taking more of the drug, offering to get her the help she needs. Instead, she takes another dose and runs herself into oblivion, disintegrating in a trail of blue lightening. While the Flash’s name is cleared, the blue lightening gets Barry thinking about Zoom and how his advanced speed might come from taking a similar speed drug and that he may want Barry’s speed in order to save himself from the degenerating effects of the drug. This also gets Barry thinking that Zoom might be Jay, which Cisco then confirms by vibing Jay’s helmet, devasting everyone who had been mourning his loss.


So its out in the open that Jay is Zoom, but this does not quite explain what the other Jays are all about and whether Caitlin’s Jay is the same Jay that is Zoom. We’ve seen Zoom carrying the body, so they are at least physically separate, but was Jay actually in league with Zoom? Is he from another Earth or is he a clone manufactured by Zoom to be his minion? The questions still remain, and considering the devastation caused by the revelation of Zoom’s identity, it would obviously be soothing to everyone involved if they were not betrayed by their Jay.

Iris and Barry

Iris and Barry’s relationship has reached a point where they are easy and comfortable with each other, to an extent where it actually kind of makes sense that they could be married in the future. Even hypothetically talking about their marriage, while slightly awkward, they seem at ease with each other. Of course, things inevitably take a turn when Iris opens up the possibility of dating her editor. In an attempt to stall having to write a negative article about the Flash, she asks her editor to hash out the article over coffee. Her editor, Scott, misinterprets their meeting as a date and the night ends awkwardly with his embarrassed exit. I would argue that Iris knew at least partly what she was doing when she asked Scott out for coffee, although she feigns embarrassment and surprise herself. Her apology later and her openness to future dates with Scott seems both genuine and uncertain. Perhaps her future with Barry is catching up with her – although its not as if Barry is in any condition or position to have any kind of relationship in midst of his quest for justice.

Jesse and Harry

Jesse finds out about all the terrible things Harry has done to protect her and her view of him is shattered. While he promises to spend the rest of his life making up for the things he did to save her, he doesn’t hesitate to give Trajectory exactly what she wants without regard for anyone else’s safety. Jesse finds this dark streak unacceptable, particularly being the cause of it, and takes off on her own to make a life for herself in a new world.