Three Years From Now

Stefan is packing up to go get Damon. He is with Valerie and they share a kiss. He doesn’t want her to come because the girl already has two people he cares about and he doesn’t want her to get taken too.

Finding Julian

Damon, Stefan, Nora and Valerie bury Lily. They all say nice things about how Lily was a good mother who saw the best in in them, except Damon who still thinks she got what she deserved. Stefan promises to her to make things right.

Stefan and Damon track Julian. Bonnie’s located him in Sunbury, where there’s a SantaCon pub crawl. Damon is just there for the eggnog, but when they enter the bar they find a bunch of dead Santa’s. Julian comes back very drunk. He rambles about the Phoenix stone sword. He says that when a vampire is stabbed with the sword, their soul goes into the stone. Living in the stone will make you go mad. Lily helped keep his madness at bay, but now that she is gone he can let everything go. He rounded up some friends and they join him at the bar.

Damon torches the bar and they get away. Damon wants to leave, but Stefan is angry Damon hasn’t shown any feeling for Lily. They go their separate ways. Damon goes to drinking and making room for himself in his dead mother’s room while Stefan partners with Valerie to kill Julian. Valerie kidnaps Mary Louise which draws out Julian, but also makes a very angry Nora. She had been spending the day with Bonnie, but once she finds out what they did to Mary Louise she knocks Bonnie out.

Prison World

Julian shows up at the Salvatore home and tells Damon that Lily’s love for her sons were toxic and then tries to kill both of them. They put up a good fight until Julian stakes Stefan. Damon tries to save him and gets staked himself with the Phoenix sword. His soul gets sucked into the stone.

Caroline shows up to comfort Stefan. He is mad because it was his fight. Damon wanted him to let go,but he couldn’t and now Damon is stuck in a prison world because of it. He tells Caroline that the stone makes you relieve every bad thing you’ve done. We see Damon wake up during the Civil War.

Nora shows up and stabs Stefan with the sword as revenge for taking Mary Louise.