Three Years In The Future

We find out that Alaric is Caroline’s mystery fiancĂ©. Damon is talking with Alaric when Caroline comes on the TV with blood dripping down her forehead saying she has a message for Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan is dreaming about taking a kid named Jacob hunting and losing him. Caroline wakes him and wants to know why he’s sleeping on the couch. Valerie enters with a towel and Caroline figures it out. Caroline doesn’t know about the Stefan/Valerie baby, but she is really for Valerie to leave town. She offers to drive her to the airport, but Valerie has to get rid of Julian before she can leave. Apparently being locked in the Phoenix Stone turns people mad and since Julian has been in there for 100 years he will want retaliation for being set on fire.

Welcome Home Julian

But he’s not mad at the moment. He is fighting with Beau when Lily tells them to stop because she is throwing a party. She has invited the whole town and nearby towns.

Damon doesn’t want to go. He wants Lily to enjoy Julian for six months and then kill him, but Stefan wants to kill Julian tonight. Damon decides to attend the party to stop Stefan from killing Julian so he can kill him in six months. Damon asks Stefan multiple times to explain why he needs to get rid of Julian so quickly, but never gets the full answer. Stefan doesn’t want to deal with battling Damon so he enlists the help of Matt.

Matt takes out Damon with his own bourbon. He adds vervain to it and then vervains him more with a syringe to the neck. With Damon down, Stefan goes to the kitchen to stab Julian and throw him in the fire, but Lily comes in and saves him. Damon comes just in time to get the information about the failed murder attempt. Julian says how in the Phoenix Stone he dreamed every day that he killed Lily. And then he attacks her sons because they don’t respect her. She tries to stop him and he almost ends up killing her.

Damon and Stefan go back to their house and Stefan finally tells Damon what Julian did. He killed his son. Damon agrees to help Stefan kill Julian now.

Goodbye Jo

The person inside Jo’s body remembers her name is Florence. She researched what she has and knows she has amnesia. She starts to bleed from the nose.

Valerie is with Caroline and identifies the problem. The vampire soul from the Phoenix Stone is not merging with Jo’s human body. Valerie says Jo is about to die when Caroline pulls her away and tells her how Jo was murdered on her wedding day by her twin and lost their unborn twins.

As Florence dies, she allows Alaric to say goodbye. He says it was nice to hear his wife’s voice again and she tells him how lucky Jo was to have him. And then she dies.

The Twins

Valerie is re-watching their wedding video. Caroline thinks she is being rude, but Valerie tells them she needed to see something. The Gemini’s have a way of saving the next generation. While Jo was dying, the twins were protected and placed in someone else. There is a lot of explanation, but basically with a map and Alaric’s blood, Valerie can find the twins. Wherever the blood ignites on the map is where the twins are.

The blood travels over the map onto the floor, where Caroline tries to clean it up and it ignites. Caroline says the spell didn’t work, but Valerie says the twins are inside her.