The sorcerer’s apprentice is rushing down some stairs toward a cauldron where he tells the sorcerer that the author broke the rules and tricked him into channeling the savior’s darkness into Maleficent’s child. The sorcerer says there is no way to undo what happened and says the two girls will be connected and they must deal with the author. He tells him that he trapped the Author in the book.

Back in Minnesota 1999, we see Emma packing for a camping trip with her foster family. She goes to the garage to get a sleeping bag when she hears a noise. It’s Lily. She tells her that she has no where else to go and that Emma had once promised to be friends forever. Her foster dad comes in and asks who this is and Lily lies and says her foster family just moved in the neighborhood. He invites her to stay for dinner.

Lily joins them for dinner and says that Emma is lucky to be with them. They see a star on her wrist and ask about it. She says it’s just a birthmark. They ask how they met and Lily says they were in a group home. Emma asks why she is lying and Lily says she is trying to make a good impression on them. Emma sees the news on an armed robbery and sees Lily’s face through the mask.

Lily says it was her boyfriend’s idea and that she always makes the wrong decision. Lily says she can give her bus ticket money. But Lily says she can’t leave her stuff because her necklace from her birth mother is in the house she was sharing with her boyfriend. Emma agrees to get the necklace if Lily will leave after that.

Emma goes to the house and grabs the necklace. It is a half moon pendant on a chain. She sneaks back in, but her parents are home and Lily stole their vacation money. Her dad called the social worker and found out how Lily and her really met and that Lily is wanted for robbery. Emma takes offense when her parents say she endangered their children.

Emma sits at a bus stop alone when Lily approaches her. Emma is mad that she got her kicked out of her home. Lily says she is free now and they have enough money to do whatever they want. Emma walks away telling Lily to make better decisions.

Lily gets on a bus when a man compliments her necklace and birthmark. It’s the apprentice and he tells her he has a lot of answers about who she really is. He tells her she is a victim of fate and that he is partially responsible. He tells her the deck is stacked against her and that she deserves the truth.

Belle’s Heart

Belle is kissing Will goodbye as she is off to babysit for Charming and Snow. Rumple shows up and says that he needs something stolen; Belle’s heart. He tells him that Regina did it and Maleficent is guarding it.

Charming and Snow go to the Mayor’s office, but Maleficent doesn’t want to see them. Snow wants her forgiveness for what they did, but Maleficent says she needs forgiveness from her daughter not her.

Rumple goes to the Mayor’s office and Maleficent¬†knows he is looking for Belle’s heart. He tries to get it, but there’s a spell on the room. Maleficent says her deal with him is over since Emma and Regina went to get Lily. During this time Will gets out with the heart.

Will shows up with Belle’s heart. Rumple says they both care about her. And even though he deceived her everyday of their marriage he wants to give her heart back so Will can protect it.

The Search For Lily

At Cruella’s funeral, Isaac tells Rumple that Cruella was good to him in her own way and Rumple says he just needed someone to die at Emma’s hand. He says Emma is now on her dark path and just needs to stay on it.

Emma tells the others she is going after Rumple and Killian warns her. She feels bad about what she did to Cruella. Maleficent shows up and says they have a common foe in Rumple. Cruella’s death confirmed that he was only helping himself not her. She wants Emma to find her daughter. She tells her her daughter was sent to Minnesota, adopted, and named Lily.

Regina comes to Emma and says she should push back at fate by finding Lily and redeeming her parents to prove Rumple wrong. Regina proposes they go to NYC to help Robin and find Lily. They head off to the Boston area to Lily’s last known address.

They arrive at the complex and find out that Lily had been in a car wreck years ago and died. The guy insults Lily and Emma slams him into a wall and is about to punch him when Regina stops her.

Regina asks Emma if she is alright and that it isn’t Emma’s fault what happened to Lily. They almost hit a wolf and Emma slams on her brakes. They go to diner and wait to get the tire fixed. Emma orders a coffee and sees the waitress’s wrist; she has the star. Emma tells Regina that this is Lily.

Emma confronts Lily and tells her she knows because of the star wrist. She says she found her because of fate. She tells Lily that all of her problems are actually her fault and asks Lily to come with her. Lily says she has moved on and has a family now. She goes over to the bus and bribes a girl to walk with her. Emma puts it together that she was lying and goes to her house.

She Knows

Regina and Emma are at her place and realize that Lily knows about everything. They hear Emma’s car outside and break into a different car and chase her.

Lily is heading for Storybrooke in Emma’s car, but Emma catches up and cuts her off. Lily says her parents deserve to be punished for what they did. Emma pulls a gun on her and Lily taunts her with all her bad decisions that happened because of her. Regina tells Emma to put the gun down because if she pulls it it will ruin Henry and her parent’s life. She says she is already a murderer, but Regina says this is what Rumple wants her do to. She puts the gun down.

Regina comes over and tells her that Rumple got Belle’s heart so they need to get to New York.

New York

They show up at Robin’s door. Marian is not there so she informs him that Marian is really her sister and that she tricked them all. Marian shows up, but rather than lie she reveals she is Zelena and she is pregnant.