I must admit when I got the new Entertainment Weekly Summer Movie Guide I was amazed by how many movies I was interested in this summer. It was extremely difficult to pick only 5 movies for this list, but here they are:


Avengers: Age Of Ultron

When the first Avengers came out three years ago, it completely changed the movies forever and now the stakes are higher than ever. Our favorite superheroes are back together to tackle a new threat that was created by none other than Iron Man himself. So much has changed since the first Avengers especially SHIELD which was dismantled in Captain America 2 and furthermore on Agents of Shield. While some people many be wary if Joss Whedon can repeat his success of Avengers 1, I know I will be there at the first showing April 30th and many more times following that.



A new Marvel Studios film has been a staple of the summer movie season since its launch in 2008 with Iron Man. And they are upping the ante with Ant Man. Although this movie has had its share of production problems; delays, change in writing, and change in directors, I remain optimist that it will be good. People were concerned Guardians of the Galaxy would be a huge flop and they were wrong about that.


Jurassic World

Reboots can be tricky especially when rebooting a series that is so unlike any other series out there. Jurassic World takes us into the working magical dinosaur theme park that John Hammond had envisioned, but things turn deadly when the new hybrid dinosaurs escape. The trailer for this has the same magical feel as the originals, but looks fresh and exciting still. Add in the popular Chris Pratt, who is still riding high from last year’s massive Guardians of the Galaxy, and I think Jurassic World has a half way decent chance of being successful.


Fantastic Four

I have to admit I couldn’t stand the original Fantastic Four series. I thought most of the characters were poorly cast and they were overall just not well written. But I am hoping for better in this new reboot of the series. There is a lot riding on this considering we know very little about the movie besides that it is based on an original story and the fact that Fantastic Four is not necessarily all that popular anymore. At first I was wary when I heard they were doing a new Fantastic Four, but after watching the trailer I have a little more hope. While it does have an Intersteller feel to it, I think it looks fresher and better written than the original. This could either be a big box office success or a big box office bomb.


Inside Out

It has been so long since the last Pixar film was released (Monsters U in 2013) and I am ready for a new original film. Inside Out takes you inside the mind of Riley as she moves from her hometown to a brand new city. I can relate as I moved cross country from my hometown of Pennsylvania to Washington State when I was 10 years old. Add in the fact that the voices of her emotions are some of the most popular comedians of our time; namely Amy Poehler, Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling as Joy, Fear and Disgust respectfully, and this film seems like a sure hit for Pixar.