Enchanted Forest

The episode starts with Hook on his ship back in the Enchanted Forest. He hears singing and the pirates all become transfixed by the sound. They sail into a fog, but Killian snaps out of it just in time to move the ship away from the rocks. He says it was a mermaid. Then we see the mermaid on the rocks with Poseidon asking why she let that ship go. She explains she wants her voice to make people happy, but her father wants her to avenge her mother’s murder by luring humans to their death. We find out that the mermaid is Ursula and she tells her father off.

We see a young Ursula singing in a tavern. Hook is there and everyone is amazed by her voice. He tells her that he knows she was the one who almost sank his ship and he thanks her for sparing him. She tells him she stole this bracelet from her dad so she could walk on land. She says her dad changed after her mom was killed by a pirate which is why she has to sing to bring them to their doom. But her voice is all she has of her mother and she wants to use it to make people happy.

Hook is followed out of town and he is taken. Poseidon is on his ship and tells Hook that if he uses this sea shell to take Ursula’s voice that he will give him a way to defeat Rumple.

Ursula gets on the ship and Hook shows her the shell. She begs him not to use it and he says her father offered him squid ink that would stop the Dark One. He promises not to take her voice. She tells him she can get the ink for him in return for not taking her voice. When she gets back Poseidon is there. She says Hook told her the truth. Poseidon says Hook only cares about revenge, but Hook throws it in Poseidon’s face and takes Ursula’s voice away so he can’t get his own revenge.

Ursula tells her dad that she isn’t choosing sides. She turns herself into an octopus and says that he will fear her.


Ursula listens to an opera on the radio when Cruella calls her in to help torture August. Regina says they need to light a fire under August to get him to talk and she tosses the flame into the fireplace. August tells them that he met a mystic named Dragon in Hong Kong who knew about it. He says the Dragon was killed, but he stole his research.

Hook, Emma and her parents are out looking for Regina. They find the end of the tracks and he says the they need a locator spell, but then Regina takes over Snow’s body to fill them in. She says Pinocchio is back to being August, but Rumple is back as well. She says he wants more than just the author, but she doesn’t know exactly what. They go talk to Belle because they need the dagger, but she says she gave it to Hook. Hook says he hasn’t seen it since she used it to send Rumple away. Belle says she gave it to him last night, but Emma says it must have been Rumple disguised as Hook. Hook says he will find out what Gold is up to because he took Ursula’s happy ending and he can give it back to her.

Regina talks to August and shows him the page she taped together and says it appeared to someone important to her. She thinks August knows more than he is saying.

Ursula hears a shell sound and goes to check it out and finds Hook. Hook says he has a deal. He can get what she wants. She asks if he still has it and he says if he returns it she has to tell why the Dark One is back in town. They agree. They meet at the docks and he tells her the Jolly Roger is back in the Enchanted Forest. She still has the power to open portals between worlds and brings the ship back to Storybrooke, but it is now a ship in a bottle. Hook goes to Belle to see if Will can help make it big again.

Robin runs up to Regina in the woods and they share a kiss. But then evil Regina shows up and then Regina wakes up.

Tell The Truth

Rumple comes back and has a potion form the fairies that will make August tell the truth. August says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and his nose grows. Rumple asks what he knows about the author. He says he doesn’t know and his nose grows again and Rumple holds him towards the fire. August says the author is trapped behind a door by the Sorcerer. August says Regina knows about the door. Regina says the papers she got from his father were all scraps and she gave them to Henry. Rumple says they will search the Sorcerer’s mansion with Regina and Cruella will stay and guard.

Hook and Ursula work on the ship. She drops a bit of the serum Will obtained and throws it in the harbor as it grows. Hook gives her the shell and tells her to spill the plan. But Ursula’s voice doesn’t come back and she says she won’t spill the detail of Rumple’s plan. Hook draws a gun and Ursula tosses him overboard only for him to be saved by Ariel. Hook wakes up and she slaps him across the face because he tossed Blackbeard overboard before she could find out where Eric was. She says she was trapped in the bottle because Elsa wanted to punish Blackbeard. She asks why Ursula was after him and he says it is because villains can’t get their happy endings.

Emma comes into the cabin for August. Ursula shows up and says her boyfriend is shark bait now. She takes Snow White hostage and threatens her to keep Emma from using her magic. Emma tells Ursula she doesn’t have to do this. Hook shows up and says he knows why she couldn’t release her voice. It was because the person who enchanted is the only one who can┬áre-open it. Poseidon is revealed. He tells her he is sorry for making her use her voice as a weapon. He says it was painful to remember losing her mother and his pain turned to vengeance. He takes the shell and returns her voice. They make up and Ursula decides to return home.

They see Cruella has slipped away so they leave the cabin before Rumple can get back. Emma asks Hook what is wrong. He says he almost became what he used to be because of trying to figure out what the Dark One was up to. She says he isn’t a villain anymore. He says it’s only a matter of time until he loses his happy ending. He says his happy ending is Emma. They share a kiss.

Rumple, Regina and Maleficent are leaving the sorcerer’s place when Cruella pulls up. She says the heroes rescued August and that they have a mole. She says Ursula sold them out to reunite with her father. Before Ursula leaves she tells Hook that Rumple is planning to use Emma. They have to use Emma because Emma gave people their happy endings. As long as there is the savior, villains won’t have their happy endings.

Regina tells Emma about the dream she had with Robin Hood. She says she thinks the evil queen wasn’t there to hurt Robin, but to protect him instead. She asks Emma to track Robin for her.

Henry calls them over when August wakes up. He asks why Regina is there and Emma says it’s okay. Regina tells him they need to talk about how she is going to keep up her cover with Rumple. She says they think she is here stealing the page. August says the door isn’t at the Sorcerer’s mansion. His nose didn’t grow when Rumple asked because he didn’t know where Henry was holding the page. He says the author is trapped inside the book.