When a movie gets a lower budget compared to other movies in its genre, the first thing people wonder is what they will have to cut out of the film.┬áThat might be even more prevalent in the superhero genre. If a Deadpool movie can’t get the money that a Wolverine movie gets, will it look cheaper?

Ryan Reynolds says the the opposite might be true when it comes to Deadpool.

Reynolds said in a recent interview that the lower budget is actually a good thing. Thanks to a lower budget, the movie won’t have to make as much to make its money back, so the studio and filmmakers can try different things and take some chances a $100 million movie wouldn’t dare try.

That is huge when it comes to a character as violent, quirky and iconic as Deadpool.

Director Tim Miller is an experienced effects artist, so that will help them pull off what they need effects-wise without breaking the bank. Then, thanks to the lower budget, they can do the things that you can’t do in a traditional superhero movie. Reynolds even hinted at an R-rating, which he is hoping for but likely won’t happen.

Could this be the superhero movie that finally gets Ryan Reynolds a hit after the disappointments of Blade Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern? Here is hoping. Check out his interview below.