The next Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, will be one that might finish the character’s solo movies, because in Norse mythology, Ragnarok pretty much destroys Asgard. Odin, Loki, Thor and almost every other God there dies and then there is a rebirth where the world moves on into a new era.

Now, I don’t think Thor is going to actually die, but this movie is rumored to be the biggest one in Marvel Phase 3 when it comes to change (which says a lot since the next Captain America movie is about the Marvel Civil War). Now, Marvel Comics used Ragnarok in a story, but it wasn’t as final as what the actual Norse mythology described.

Well, Chris Hemsworth was talking to the Digital Spy about the movie, and he said that he can’t share anything about the movie because the script isn’t even finished yet. He said that he has no idea what to expect from the movie.

With that in mind, Hemsworth did say there that it is “pretty big.” So, with such an important movie coming from Marvel, what does the company plan to do about the director?

If you remember right. the first movie was amazingly directed by Kenneth Branagh, but he pulled out of the sequel because he didn’t want to be tied down with such a quick turnaround. That led Marvel to hire Patty Jenkins (Monster), who was set to become the first female director for the company. That didn’t work and she left due to creative differences. Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) came in and took over, but there was a lot of problems on set so Marvel is looking for someone new for this third movie.

According to the new rumors, the Thor: Ragnarok shortlist includes the following three names: Adam McKay, Gareth Edwards and Matt Reeves. Of course, McKay just helped out with the script for Ant-Man, but I can’t see him as someone who would fit this subject matter. Edwards directed Godzilla and is working on a Star Wars movie and Reeves directed the Planet of the Apes reboot.

Honestly, I take all these rumors with a grain of salt because they came from an intern that Marvel laid off. I won’t believe anything until Marvel starts setting up meetings with directors. However, they really need a director in line before the script is finished. I think Reeves could be perfect for this, but we’ll wait and see.