Practice Makes Perfect

The first episode back for The Vampire Diaries┬ákicked off shortly where we left off. Kai still has Elena and is keeping her prison a the Grill. Before Elena can even ask what he is doing, Kai tells her how he absorbed all of the magic of Mystic Falls and he’s not so great at controlling all of it. He tells her how he tried to give the owner of the Grill a heart attack, but he killed him and put his dead body on the table in front of Elena and cloaked him until right about now. Kai says he needs magic target practice which is what he needs Elena for.

As Elena gets ready to endure her torture, Stefan wakes up to things crashing around him. He goes downstairs to find Jeremy in the kitchen while Jo tries to relearn all the magic she put off with Liv. She has 30 days to figure out enough magic to defeat Kai and she isn’t very good.

As Jo practices, Damon catches up on some sleep in Liz’s hospital room. He tells her about the most recent texts that Elena sent him. He then asks Liz to put an APB out on Kai. She’s on it when Caroline comes in with a kale smoothie. Caroline wants to give her mom vampire blood to save her life, but Damon isn’t on board.

Help Me Damon

Damon heads home only to find Liv in one of his T-shirts, since Jo burnt one of hers, before receiving a call from Elena. Elena is now at the high school where Kai attempts to turn Elena’s blood to acid, but he melts her daylight ring instead. She gets away in enough time to call Damon, but Kai comes after her and snaps her neck.

Kai tells Elena that he finally gets why Damon’s into her–She’s “crazy pants”. Damon and Liv head to the school to save Elena. But Luke shows up and cloaks his sister and Damon is forced to call the backups. Jo volunteers to cloak Damon, but she will have to stay close which means she has to go inside the school with him.

Inside, Kai is practicing craving a K into Elena’s face before he takes a break to recycle. It’s here we find out that Jo’s cloaking spell worked. They free Elena and cloak her, but it doesn’t last long because Jo’s nose starts to bleed and then she collapses. Damon tells Jo to run while he faces off with Kai. Not only can he cloak things, but he can also create illusions. When Damon thinks he has stabbed Kai he has really stabbed Elena. Kai takes off after Jo only to be taken down by Jeremy and Alaric.

Elena and Damon finally get to have a heart to heart moment while he pulls out the stake he put in there. She does a fake out by pretending one of the splinters hit her in the heart and she was dying. They share a look and hand holding when Alaric enters to ask if she is okay. She tells him she has never felt more alive.

Now that Elena is safe, they bring Kai over to Alaric’s place to keep him on ice while Jo finishes training. Ric and Damon reunite and toast to the women who make crazy stupid decisions and the fact that they love them more for it.


Caroline returns home from the hospital to find Stefan. Caroline gets her mother all set up to watch Friends on DVD before she tells her that she is going to Duke to meet with a specialist. Stefan can stay with Liz and watch Friends. But when Stefan hears Duke, he thinks of Sarah Salvatore and offers to drive Caroline so he can check on a “friend.”

At Duke, Stefan heads to a gallery for a student exhibition. He promises to meet up with Caroline in a bit. He goes to the exhibit and watches Sarah Nelson like the proud uncle he is. Until Enzo arrives. Enzo and Stefan threaten each other until Enzo agrees to back off and Stefan goes to meet Caroline. Only problem is Enzo is working on a larger revenge plan as he reveals to one of the instructors as he tells her to box up all of Sarah’s pictures.

Caroline meets with the specialist and after a little bit of compulsion, Caroline finds out that the only option for her mother is full brain radiation. And even if she goes through with it Liz’s quality of life will decline. Caroline sneaks into a room with a patient with a the same tumor as her mother. She feeds him some of her blood and by the time Stefan meets up with her the patient is up and walking around.

The Twins

Liv and Luke battle out their feelings. Their dad is angry and wants them to come home, but Liv doesn’t want to. She knows that Luke is stronger because he was able to cloak her without her even feeling him. Luke agrees to stay because he loves his sister and doesn’t want her to die.

Saving Liz

Caroline and Stefan arrive home and he finally tells her about Sarah. She jokes with him about it, but then it is time to go in and see her mother. She tells her mother everything she had learned. She wants to share her life moments with her mother and tells her to drink her blood and Liz agrees.

Just as Liz drinks Caroline’s blood, we see the patient at Duke she fed cough up her blood and then collapses and dies. Guess we will have to wait til next week to see what will happen to Liz after taking Caroline’s blood, but it looks like it speeds up the cancer.