Onward maneuvers

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD starts this week with Whitehall’s order to blow up the BUS. May takes the wheel with Triplett in the cockpit. Triplett is asking May when they should clock. May is holding off until she can so some fancy Hydra-dodging maneuvers. May gets the BUS into position, as Hydra fires. She has Triplett clock the BUS. Hydra thinks that they have killed the target and everything is well.

Family Reunion

Next up on Agents of SHIELD, Ward keeps his promise and takes Skye to see her father. Skye’s dad, introduces himself to her as Cal. He tells her about certain things from her childhood and what happened to her mother. Cal was under the impression that Whitehall was working for SHIELD and killed his wife and took Skye away. Skye sets off a bevy of emotions towards her father until he tells her what happened to her mom and that he intended to come and get her. Cal tells Skye that he is not working with Whitehall; he only needed him to get to reunite with Skye. Skye tries to leave when Hydra guard stop her. She asks her father to call them off but he can’t. Cal tells her that he is planning to kill Whitehall, but he doesn’t want Skye to see that he is going to do to Whitehall. Cal tells Skye that this is the “Best Day EVER!”

Whitehall, Ward and Raina enter the room. Whitehall wants to know why Ward took Skye a hostage as well with Raina. Wards mission was to only capture Raina. Raina tells Whitehall that Ward did it for love. She explains that Ward kept his promise to Skye so that she may hopefully see the good in him. Coulson and May are entering the building thus breaking up this family reunion. Whitehall leaves but has Cal subdued. Whitehall’s men place a device in Cal to control him, so that he won’t kill Whitehall. After Whitehall leaves, Cal heads in his direction to finish what he intended to do (kill Whitehall). Cal tells Skye again that he doesn’t want her to see this. Ward wants to come, Cal denies that request.

Ward finally gets free and sets Skye free as well. When Ward rushes out of the door, Skye shoot him in the back. Cal approached Whitehall, Whitehall draws a gun on Cal. Coulson comes in and saves the day, shooting Whitehall in the chest. Cal gets heated as he wanted to kill Whitehall himself. Coulson and Cal start a fight in which Cal should have easy broken Coulson into two. Skye comes in and stops Cal by actually calling him “dad”. Cal lets up and wants Skye to come to the city in order to transform. Skye doesn’t want any part of him or this transformation. Cal tells her that he will be waiting. He explains that after her transformation. People will be scared of her; he tells her that he will be waiting to help her. He then calls her by her real name Daisy. OMFG.

Raina goes down to the city and finds Mac there. She tells him to lead her into the city. Coulson tells May that he is going down to the city to find Skye. He tells her that if he sent back in 10 minutes, when that bombs are set to go off to get the team and leave him. May is hesitant, but Coulson wants to see what is down there, since he has gone through so much. Triplett gets word that Raina, Coulson and Skye are headed down to the city. Triplett heads back down alone so that the dynamite down trigger.

Mac finally stops and Raina figures out that she has to go the rest of the way on her own. Raina enters a room with a pedestal on it. Raina has the diviner in her hand. Skye finds Raina in the room and tells her to stop. The diviner starts glowing, Skye tells Raina to stop it. Raina says that it is too late. The diviner floats out of Raina hand and finds its way to the pedestal. Triplett catches up with Skye and Raina in the room. Coulson is right behind him but as Coulson tries to enter the room the doors lock. The Diviner opens and crystal spring from out of it. A “mist”, Terrigen perhaps sprays Skye, Raina and Triplett. This turns Raina and Skye into a rock-like statue (a cocoon). Triplett, thinking that Skye is dead screams and breaks the crystals from the diviner. Triplett falls to the ground and he turns into a statue. Skye’s hand breaks free from the rock formation that engulfed her. Raina’s eye is uncovered as well. Note: I think this is Raina, whom eye glows and short black spikes develop near her eyes. Skye hatches and an epic transformation scene occurs. At this point Skye is complete free, however Triplett turns into dust and we do not see Raina again.

After Credits scene

A man goes to a box, opens it and picks up a diviner. He grabs his cell phone and calls someone. The man says (to the person on the other end) are you seeing this? Then he says, there’s someone new, tell the others, I’ m on it. When the camera pans up we see that this man has no eyes.

Epic finale after thoughts

The man at the end credit scene of Agents of SHIELD says “There someone new, not there two new ones or anything that would suggest he is talking about more than one. So my first question is what happened to Raina. In Skye’s transformation, they almost exclude Raina at all. We see her covered by the Terrigen mist we see her transform (into the rock like substance) and I think that is her who eye glows. However when Skye has her “superhero” entrance, Riana is no where to be found WDF?

So Skye is indeed Quake, aka Daisy Johnson. Her father is Dr. Hyde. Marvel has definitely put us on track for the best winter finale of all the current shows on TV. We may have to wait until March to pick up with Agents of SHIELD, but we only have to wait until January, where we will start Agent Carter. See you then!