Marvel has added a new cast member to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. The actor is Daniel Bruhl (Inglourious Basterds, The Fifth Estate) and the word from Deadline is that he will play a villain in the movie. While he will appear as a villain in the Captain America movie, he won’t be the main villain but Variety reported that he has the chance to be the main villain in the upcoming Doctor Strange.

This seems very confusing when looking at those varied reports.

Captain America: Civil War will pit Captain America against Iron Man as part of the disagreement on the superhero registration act. Unlike the comics, where it was all about secret identities, this movie will make it more about the government wanting some kind of control over the super powered heroes popping up and this arrangement splitting the heroes down the middle.

In the comics, this all ended with Captain America’s apparent death at the hands of Crossbones, who was working for a revived back-from-the-dead Red Skull. Of course, Crossbones was already introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (the SHIELD agent who betrayed Cap and was shown still alive in one of the post-credits scenes) and Frank Grillo will be back as him.

So, outside of having him as the reincarnated Red Skull, who could he be playing? I think this is the time they should introduce Baron Zemo into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The original Baron Zemo was around in World War II, and in the comics it was him to caused Bucky to die. The second is his son, who took up his father’s fight against Captain America. I would love to see Daniel Bruhl become Baron Zemo.

But, how would that tie into Doctor Strange? In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hydra name-dropped people who they felt were threatening, including Bruce Banner and Stephen Strange. This means they already have plans to target Strange, which could tie it in to the rest of the movies and bridge that gap throughout Marvel Phase 3. I would still rather see Dormammu in Doctor Strange, but that wouldn’t fit well in the Civil War movie. Maybe Doctor Strange will have more than one villain.

Who would you want to see Daniel Bruhl play? Who do you want Doctor Strange to fight in his solo movie? Chime in below.